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I think the flaws you listed are actually what's awesome about the game. I like that it takes weeks and weeks to play start to finish. Sure, maybe someone doesn't have a flash computer, but then they wouldn't have started playing in the first place. The negatives you pointed out lie entirely in the player, not the game. That why Black Mage won and I got second. We wanted to play, we wanted to win, so we spent the time and effort to do so. Lizard Dude would have been in contention for first or second place if he hadn't quit at the end. One could argue that he quit because the game was becoming a chore which he put off until later, but again, that's a user error.


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That's the problem, though. When you extend a real-time video game to that length, there are far too many variables that the player simply has no control over. A player shouldn't be punished for having his house be struck by lightning and his modem fried as a result, or for having his computer be afflicted with a virus, or for anything else that renders him unable to log in and powerless to do anything about it. Sure, the same situations apply to other games as well, but losing power while playing StarCraft and having wasted twenty minutes isn't nearly as bad as losing Internet access for a day and losing a week or more of work.

Regarding the Flash stuff, I didn't know it was Flash-based until the game started. It's not mentioned in any of the documentation; you'd have no way of knowing before you played the game unless you read about it somewhere that mentioned that fact. So saying a player without a Flash-enabled computer wouldn't have started playing in the first place is wrong.

And games shouldn't feel like chores at any point.


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Black Mage, bobman, LD... no offense, guys, but tl;dr, even for me.

I'd just like to say that my poor nerves almost didn't survive this game and I'm never doing it again.

That, and if I hadn't felt honor-bound to not break my alliance with PL, I maybe would've been more of a match for Black Mage.
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