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I don't doubt you, but some examples would still help.
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Yes, people do use the Mythbusters card in discussions, but what's wrong with that? Mythbusters tested the myth, there was an outcome, and the discussion is solved. Whoever didn't use the Mythbuster card lost.

If you're annoyed by the people who always use the Mythbusters card, even if the Mythbusters never even tested that particular myth, then I agree. That's stupid.

I also agree that sometimes the show gets it wrong and tests the myth using inaccurate circumstances, but that's a rare case. I'd say 95% of the time they test the myth legitimately, bust or confirm it, then ramp it up to massive exploding levels anyway.


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They rarely test the actual myths, though. They either pick an obscure variation of the myth and treat that as the version everyone seems to know, or tweak it themselves into a version compatible for debunking on TV. It's a great show, yes, but not the definitive source for whether or not elements of the world around you are real or not.

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I dunno man, seems to me they test the myths pretty accurately.


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Eh, to each his own. Maybe my opinion's been colored by everyone playing the MB card on me without warning like we're suddenly playing TV Shows The Gathering.

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I use the Mythbusters card whenever people bring up "DADDY LONG LEGS ARE THE MOST POISONOUS SPIDER BUT THEIR FANGS ARE TWO SMALL TO BITE YOU", since the Mythbusters pretty much went no-nonsense on testing that one.
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