Author Topic: Who cares about game ratings?  (Read 13315 times)

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Um, because children can have access to devices that can allow them to play that Hot Coffee thing.

I'm quite sure it's not AO anymore. They re-released it with that removed and it was set back to M, IIRC. I said this here before.
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The ratings, I guess, apply to everything on the disc. And since the Hot Coffee minigame was on the disc, even though inaccessible through normal means, it still got the higher rating.

And yes, all of those were pulled and the Second Edition was released without the contested code. That's the version I have. It hurt Rockstar financially quite a bit (relative to had it not happened).


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Yeah it hurt rockstar a lot. However, the publicity it received is probably the reason that it continued to sell after the rerelease. If it wasn't for that...the damage would have been even worse, irreversable maybe...


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I care about how I rate a game, because I often agree with myself about whether a game is worth playing or not.
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