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Mario Chat / Re: Mariology (serious posts wanted)
« on: May 05, 2009, 06:00:54 PM »
I don't think Mario with body hair would sell games. I cannot imagine playing Super Mario Galaxy with a furball running around. All Mario needs is the mustache.
And it's obvious that those Message Blocks are actual living things. They blink and move their mouths, and if I'm not mistaken, they actually made noise (garbling at best) when hit in YI.

And oh yeah. If you actually remember who I am, I am back. The dude has returned.

General Chat / Re: I'm going away! Signed, TMK member
« on: December 30, 2006, 04:41:59 PM »
Dear TMK Forum, Members, Staff, and Clowns

   I am sorry that very stupid thing I did the past couple of months. I have tried my best to try and get back your trust, but that come to a standstill, so I had to write this letter before my conscience is cleared. I have problems at school and no where to pour my thoughts and feelings, other than used composition books and scrapbooks. I need help from people who have experienced this kind of phase life, and talking to my parents would be the end for my social status (as if it isn?t damaged already). So, without further ado, I give you one last sentence.

I am sorry.

Now, I feel much better. But I don?t know if I can show around dude677 around these parts again. So, after this, this may be the last you ever see of Good Ol? dude677. Unless, of course, you can convince me otherwise. Hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint I don?t know when I?ll come back. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never. So, for the last time?

And for real?

Good bye, good luck, and have fun, without me.

(In a few matter of days after this letter is posted, you shall see that my screen name will be deleted. This is the final part of my byes.)

Fan Creations / Re: Low Cut Genes-Finally Released
« on: November 21, 2006, 06:58:48 PM »
Wait, what happened to the quoatation marks? Its all question marks!

Fan Creations / Re: Low Cut Genes-Finally Released
« on: November 21, 2006, 06:50:38 PM »
PART II-Past Unlocked

Chapter Seven- Eyes Of The Beholder

   ?Don?t worry, Regina. It?s all right. This school isn?t as different as your old one.? I looked up at my mom.
   ?Mom, we are 1200 away from Illinois. The only similarity from Stragal Heights Middle School and Croton Hills Middle is that they?re both schools.?
   ?And yes they are!? I looked up at my mom. Getting new friends is extremely difficult for me. I had a bunch of friends in Croton Hills. Friends I?ve known for years. Now, going to a new school, where everyone knows each other, its pretty hard to make new friends.
   ?Okay, I?ll pick you up around 3:40. You can hang around the Burger Barn while you wait. You can do that, can?t you??
   ?Look, mom. This isn?t the first day of school for me. I?m used to it. I know what to do. Seriously.? My mom did a face that I seriously hate, because I always have to give in. Her lips formed an upside-down smile, so I had to make it right-side up again.
   ?Okay, mom. I promise. Seriously. I promise to have a good time, okay??
   ?Okay. Love you, honey!? she said with a smile. I closed the door, while I heard her hybrid drove away with a loud hum. I swallowed the spit in my mouth that has been generating furiously. Stragal Heights Middle School?s doors were in front of my nose, and my hands weren?t up to opening it. After what seemed like an eternity, I reached out for the door, when an obnoxious fellow yanked the door opened and slammed the door into my hand and my stomach. I flinch back, hissing a ?smartness? at the person that did that. I looked up at the person. It was a boy. My age, messy black hair, taller than me, with an innocent look on his face.
   ?Oh, jeez! Sorry! Didn?t see you there. You need help?? I notice that I stumbled onto the ground, but I never noticed. His face was all I was looking at.
   ?Here, grab on.? he said as he outstretched his hand. When I grabbed a hold of his hand and he pulled me up, I dusted off my jeans whilst he talked,
   ?Sorry about that. You new??
   ?Is it that obvious??
   ?Well, yeah. No normal person just waits outside the door 10 minutes before the bell rings. If I were you, I?d be rushing to my class. What?s your name??
   ?Regina. Regina George. Yours??
   ?David Richards. Which part of the country you came from??
   ?Illinois. Croton Hills Middle. Why do you ask??
   ?Your accent. You don?t really roll your r?s like a southerner, but you have an accent. I would have guessed Idaho, but I guess I?m wrong. From Chicago??
   ?No. Right next to it, really. My school windows have a great view of the Sears Tower.?
   ?Oh. Makes sense. Well, nice to meet you.? He held out his hand, signaling for a hand shake?
   ?Yes, same here?? I shook his hand. As if on cue, the school bell rang.
   ?Crap!? David cursed. ?Late for class!? He looks towards me.
   ?Mr. Simkaner will understand. He always does.  So, where are you headed?? I looked at my papers.
   ?Mister Simkaner as well??
   ?Great! Here, while we head over there, why not a quick tour of Solomon Heinser? It?s on the other side of the building anyway. Here, grab hold onto my hand.? I did what he told, and soon, he yanked me away from the outside.
   ?Hey, Doris!? he said as we passed the office. She gave a quick wave. I waved back, even though I had not known who the woman was.
   ?That?s the secretary. She?s nice enough.? David said as if he had been reading my mind.
   ?Oh, yes, the secretary?? I drifted off.
   When he had shown me around the building, he stopped in front of Mr. Simkaner?s room.
   ?Here we are, room 101, Mr. Simkaner. I?ll tell him you?re here.? he walked into the room, and started talking to the teacher, making odd hand movements as he went on. I looked on in the glass window in the door. I looked around the classroom. The kids looked like nothing from Illinois. They all had messy hair, and they looked completely bored. In Illinois, school was fun. But not in this case.
   The door opened up. A balding man with a smile too big for his face looked at me.
   ?Are you Regina George??
   ?Uhhhh, yes??
   ?Good! Good!? he smiled. ?Here. I?ll just make an announcement to the class. Would you like to come in, or wait until your name is called?? I looked at him uneasily.
   ?Can I just come in now, so I can get over it??
   ?Sure! Sure!? He held the door open for me, and waited for me to come in. I entered the room, of which everybody shut up at once. After what seemed like an eternity just looking at their silent faces, Mr. Simkaner walked in the room, his two hairy hands together in anticipation.
   ?This, my students, is your new classmate!? He looked around with an impressed look on his face.
   ?Wow, I?ve never seen this class so quiet before. This is a first!? I blushed after his statement. David waved at me. I did an embarrassed small wave back.
   ?So, mystery girl! Why not introduce yourself?? 
My throat felt dry, and all that came out was cackles. Mr. Simkaner decided to fill in for me.
   ?Her name is Regina George, and she came from Illinois. Why not make her feel at home, class??
   ?Hello, Regina.? the class said in unison. Mr. Simkaner bended down towards me.
   ?You can sit there next to Kenny Davis, (He did an eye wink) Brad Roberts, (He raised his eyebrows twice) or David Richards. (He was doodling in his notebook)? The answer was clear in my mind. A no-brainer, really. I talked in his ear.
   ?I choose David.?
   ?Well, go ahead. Play nice.? he winked. I held my binder, and walked towards the desk to the right of David. I sat down next to him.
   I sat down on my lone lunch table, snarfing down a ham and cheese sandwich. David sat down next to me.
   ?Hey, new girl.?
   ?Oh, stop it. Do you have to be so mean??
   ?Hey. It?s me. So, how?s the day going so far??
   ?I?m actually doing super well.?
Our conversation was interrupted by a girl who?s face seemed like it was carved by angels. She held a frown, and her purse as well. This was a girl you didn?t want to be on your enemy list. Or your friend. She wore jeans that fit her just right, a small white hoody, with a white blouse underneath, and a white purse in her hand. The ends of her lips twitched. This was not going to go smoothly.
   ?So, who are you??
   ?Regina George. Who?s asking??
   ?This guy?s girlfriend, that?s who?
   ?Ex-girlfriend.? David was quick to point out.
   ?Whatever.? continued this girl.
   ?Who are you, and what do you want??
   ?I am Julia Header, your worst nightmare. What are you doing, talking to my boyfriend??
   ?Ex-boyfriend.? Kenny corrected with an emphasis on ex.
   ?Whatever. You have no right doing that. You want to break the code? You wanna have a war??
   ?Wait, what code? I?m just talking to him, right? Nothing wrong with that.?
   ?Uh, yes there is, moron. You see, he?s my boyfriend (she held her hand up to David?s face to shut out his corrections), and nobody has him, but me.?
   ?Whoa, whoa, whoa, Julie.? David interrupted. ?You don?t have me. Nobody has me. You don?t have me, she don?t have me, you don?t even have yourself.? Julia frowned.
   ?Whatever. He?s still my boyfriend, no matter what he says, so watch out, newbie, cause I?ll be watching your every move, and if you do anything stupid with my man?? she did a slitting-the-throat gesture. Then she turned around and left, with a rude hand gesture resting on her back. I turned to David.
   ?What was that about??
   ?Oh, nothing.? David explained ?Just a chat with my crazy ex-girlfriend. Who woulda known that I have loved her??
   ?So, has she always been that crazy??
   ?Usually. But she usually has the last laugh. Her mother?s the principle of the school. She can get away with anything.?
   With a bid of farewell, David said a small ?see-ya around? and left. I was alone with my thoughts. And so, I picked up my sandwich and started scrufing it down again.

Chapter Eight-Gang Wars

   I entered my combination lock for my locker. 3-16-2. I yanked open my locker, grabbed my things, and slammed it shut. Julie appeared behind the door.
   ?Why do you not listen. Stop talking to David. He?s mine.? I looked at Julie.
   ?Look, I do not care about him. He?s just a friend, that?s all. Besides, I knew him for only 8 hours. I knew you for 3, and you?re already starting to **** me off.
   ?Me? **** you off? Girl, my momma is the principle of this school, and I?ll call her down and she?ll haul your butt to court!?
   ?Ph, yeah? Yeah? Well, you can take your mom, your school, and your courtroom, and shove it up your??
   A rather unsightly woman stood in front of me, with her hands on her waist. She would?ve seem beautiful if not for the fact that it seemed there was something smelly under her nose, which caused her to have a scrunched up face. She face me directly.
   ?Young lady, what do you think you are doing, assaulting this innocent little girl?? I scoffed, and talked loud enough, for both Julie and her mom to hear.
   ?I have three things I?d like to say before  I answer that question.?
     One, you must be the witch?s ugly mom. Nice meeting you.?
     Two, its this woman?s fault for the accusation,?
     And three??
     You both really need to stop looking like dung is taped under your nose.?

   I sat in Miss (Yes, miss. Even their husband/father resented them!) Header?s office. It was rectangular in shape, with a large gaping hole that is a window dominating a whole wall. It looked, and smelt, like a containment center for the reality-challenged. Smelly ones, too. Ms. Header tapped her long painted fingernails and her dark wooden desk. She sat forward in her comfy, plushy office chair. Whilst I sat in a moldy wooden chair built for people 3 feet and under. I looked at her face. Her eyebrows her arched inwards, resulting in her face to have a devilish appearance. I stared at the clock. 2:50. I leaned towards Ms. Header.
   ?Look, I don?t think you have any plans to do tonight other than torment a six-year old boy (she snarled), but I do. Can I just leave??
    ?Look, missy. You ain?t coming outta here until you give me answers.?
    ?Wow, it can talk!?
    ?No back-sass!?
    ?Look, you can?t accuse me of anything. During your daughter?s and my talk, there must?ve been at least 30 other students having a fight, most likely resulting in a nosebleed. You can?t keep me here forever. You know that, right??
Ms. Header snarled. She then pressed a red button on her speaker. A friendly voice, the secretary, crackled to life.
   ?Yes, Ms. Header??
   ?Ah, Ms. Nertz. I was wondering, how long can I keep a child in without a purpose??
   ?I believe that answer is zero, miss.?
   ?How about if there is no detention involved, but for a dire purpose??
   ?How dire would the purpose be??
   ?Well, not that dire.?
   ?I believe the answer?s still no. And without detention, until three.?
   ?In the morning??
   ?No, about three seconds from now.?
Ms. Header blew her hair up which was grouping above her left eye. Her face was a relaxed anger. She seemed disappointed. Hmm. I walked out the door, with her ?Be good, or I will find you!? following me.

Fan Creations / Re: Low Cut Genes-Finally Released
« on: November 21, 2006, 06:50:03 PM »
Chapter Four: My Name Is Jennifer Gartson

   I smiled confidently. My idea is brilliant.. Kenny hinted at a missing part of my life. Something so tragic, that I had forgotten it, or forced to. If I can pry everyone for enough information, this may all become much more clearer. But I couldn?t do it while I am David Richards. No. Kenny Davis wouldn?t allow himself to slip up again, and Brad Roberts wouldn?t tell me scrap. Not unless I was someone else. I neared the school bus stop, of when I held the device, thought of my appearance, and counted to three. After the quick flash of light, I was exactly what I needed to be for this to work. A girl.
   I walked on the bus aisle, and all the boys, even Kenny Davis and Brad Roberts, had their mouths open, maybe by surprise, maybe by confusion. Does this device not work, or is it only on the eye of the beholder. This was the longest walk I?ve ever done, and when I sat on the only empty seat I could find, a mad rush of boys fought for the seat next to me. Maybe it had worked. When Kenny sat himself next to me, he gave me a grin, and all I could do is smile back. I scooted away from him, towards the window, and he scooted towards me.
   ?Are you new here, blue eyes??
I looked at Kenny Davis in disgust. My best friend, having this conversation, with me? It was odd.
   ?Yes, I am.?
   ?My name is Kenny Davis, what?s yours??
   ?My name?my name?Jennifer?Gartson.?
   ?Nice to me you, Jenny.? I smiled awkwardly at Kenny.
   ?Well, nice meeting you. Um?can you?just?back off?? Kenny did a double take.
   ?Back?back off? Oh, okay, sure.? He slid a couple of inches away from me, surprised that his charms hadn?t worked on me. Heck, his charms didn?t do anything. A year ago, he tried impressing a girl with the same moves, and all he got was a slap across the face. If I was really the new girl, I would do the same thing, but he was my best friend, so I didn?t hurt his pride, and I let it slide. Brad waked up to him, sat on the seat next to us, and whispered in his ears. I clearly heard
   ?You got sacked by the new girl, dude.? I tried my best to stifle a laugh, while Kenny and Brad switched to seats farther up. Finally, alone to myself. I smiled, and said confidently,
   ?My name is Jennifer Gartson.?

   I stood up in front of Mr. Carupul?s class. I had went to this part of the plan easily enough:
I had changed my appearance to look like a mother.
   ?Yes, I would like to sign my kid in, she?s new.? While the front office gave me some papers to sign, the person who was working on the computer left very quickly, telling everyone that ?it?s my only break. See you guys later.?. I remembered her appearance and clothing, and before finishing the sheet, I ask the people at the front office where the bathroom is. I go there, and change to look like the woman that left for her break.
   ?I have?some business to take care of.? when the people at the office looked at me. I typed into the computer all the information they need, and changed into the mom again, and finished the sheet, with all the information that I had typed into the computer, gave it to the office, and walked out, saying that ?My daughter should be here any minute, as I have to leave for work.? I went out of the school, hid in the bushes, changed my look to Jennifer and went into the school, and into the office.
   ?Hi, I?m Jennifer Gartson, my mom was here a while ago?? The counselor stood up, walked up to me, and said,
   ?Well, welcome to Stragal Heights Middle School, young lady!? She went to one of the women working at the front, and started whispering in her ear. Luckily, I gave myself super-hearing, so I could easily hear their hushed conversation.
   ?Well, she looks nice enough. Which ones are the open ones??
   ?Well, we can give her Mr. Dahlup as her science?? I screamed at them,
   ?I am a new student. Foreign..? The counselor looked up at me,
   ?Funny, you don?t sound foreign.?
   ?I?m part French, part Russian. I had an American mother, and I took a lot of English classes in France.?
Yes, excellent. So I?m still an immigrant. They can?t find my records in the U.S Citizen database, because I?m not one!
?Well, excellent! You don?t need any ESOL classes, that?s for sure.?
?Yes, um. My mom has some recommendations for me, says that these classes are the ones we trust. If we can?t get these classes for me, than we will go to Hartson Depths Middle School.?
The counselor?s eyes closed into slits.
Stragal Heights and Hartson Depths equals David versus Goliath. so this was a great way for me to get into every single one of  my original classes. Which is where Regina was in as well.
   Mr. Carupul stood up next to me. I tried my best to look nervous, because, well, how can I be nervous to see a class I?ve seen for the past couple of years? All of them have been in my elementary school, so acting nervous was very difficult.
   ?All of you, welcome our new student?? he bended down towards me,
   ?What?s your name again?? he whispered in my ear.
   ?Jennifer Gartson.? He stood up,
   ?Jennifer Gartson!? All the boys in the class had the same expression as the boys in the bus. They all panted like dogs, some with their tongues drooping down. I knew some guys were animals, but these guys are ridiculous. Mr. Carupul kneeled down an inch, since he is now taller than me, and whispered in my ear,
   ?Go ahead, take a seat. Any empty seat. There is one next to Kenny Davis (he waved at me), Brad Roberts (he gave me a quick glance) and Regina George. (She didn?t notice me nor did she care).? He stood up straight again, and waited patiently. I walked towards the seat next to Regina, and sat down.
   ?Hello, Jennifer.?

Chapter Five: The Sting

   Mr. Carupul talked to Regina before the lunch bell rang.
   ?Show her around. Show her some of your friends. Make her feel at home. Make her feel wanted.? Regina sighed.
   ?Fine, I?ll do it. But only because she?s foreign.?. As their conversation ended, Regina gave me a quick glance. She stood up abruptly, startling Mr. Carupul, who had almost had his round chin smacked into Regina?s ascending head. He gave a quick sigh, and looked at the clock. The bell rang, and all the boys and the girls ran out to the cafeteria.
   I sat down on the opposite side of Regina and her girl gang. One of them I recognize, another I know, and the other I haven?t seen nor met yet. Regina dug through her purse, and pulled out a clipped picture of a teacher.
   ?If you want to get our respect, all you have to do is this. My English teacher, Ms. Narvishoni, is a real prick. She says that me and my friends don?t listen in class. She needs to learn some ?manners?. All you have to do is exchange her lipstick she uses in the morning with my ?special mix?. When she applies the mix on her lips, the lipstick will drip right into her mouth, causing her to have a very?despicable  taste in her mouth for a week, and possibly?indigestion.? She handed me the mix. ?Try to do it early in the morning, so we can see the results first thing tomorrow. Here. This should help you.? She handed me a piece of paper. I nodded, and stuffed both items into my skirt pocket. The group stood up, said a polite farewell, and walked away to another table.

   I crashed onto my bed. I read some more of the information for the device, and noticed that I could ?save? my desired appearances. I clicked the save icon, and a computer, the size of half a laptop, pulled out of the tiny device. I looked at the device, surprised at its physics-defying status, and saved my desired appearances. I crashed on my bed, after turning normal, and before I knew it, my alarm clock rang. New day.

   There was no way you could enter the school early in the morning, much more earlier than the other kids, if you weren?t the faculty member of the school. I knew Ms. Narvishoni likes to keep her lipstick inside her purse, which is inside her closet, which is inside her locked classroom. The school was very strict on its security, so before hours, all classroom doors were locked and relocked. A robbery of some kind happened in this school. What?s to steal in a school? Markers? The school was in a panic, and turned into the ultimate secured school. Locked doors, bulletproof windows, the works. But like, what will happen. The school security makes my job hard enough as is, but I got one thing that ?robbers? can?t get. The Gene-Bender. I wasn?t going to steal anything, I was just doing a practical joke. I mean-spirited one, but what will happen to me. Jennifer never existed. I could very well turn into someone else if anything got too hot. Not a problem. The Gene-bender? The ultimate tool in a no-good?s inventory. The Mona Lisa in all the dastardly gadgets in the world.
   I walked to the school, around 6:30. I told my mom that ?I was meeting with Nick to study up for a test early.? She bought it. She dropped me off to Nick Blark?s house, which was half a block away from the school. Nick wasn?t at home. He was actually with his parents for vacation. In Italy. Thousands of miles away. My mom didn?t know this, so she dropped me off with a ?good luck?, kiss on the cheek, and a small hug. When her car was out of sight, I dug into my backpack, pulled out the Gender-Bender, and changed.
   I sneaked into the school with no problem. Change into a janitor, use key, enter, lock door. I sneaked around as Mr. Naltwash, the school janitor. 5?8, bit of a muzzle, it was an odd experience. I walked towards Ms. Narvishoni?s classroom, and opened the door. I yanked open the closet door, opened the purse, switched the lipstick, and went out of the school.
   I took a large bite of my tuna sandwich. Lunch has just started when Regina and her group of girls sat on the same table I was.
   ?Looks like you succeeded.?
   ?Bit harsh, don?t you think??
   ?What, that? No, no, no. Actually, she is my aunt of my father?s side. A bit mean, yes, but fun nonetheless. Actually, the lipstick I gave you was her newly bought one she had forgotten. I was supposed to do it, but, well, I was too busy.?
   ?So, I had to do an errand??
   ?Hey, you succeeded. Ella here thinks you were too chicken to do it.?
Ella gave a frown.
    ?You now have my complete trust, and my friendship.?

Chapter Six- Uncovering Secrets

   The more the group considered me as part of them, the more I got involved with them. From shopping to hanging-out, we did what most girls did. And the more I got involved, the more my feministic side grew. As a boy, I finally cared about my hair, about what I wear, and whether I really care. About any of it, really. Because I?ve never been in a situation like this before. I don?t think anyone has. In a way, I feel like I am breaking through their privacy, even though they allow me to occupy it in the first place. I was portraying a completely other person from myself, and it grows harder to be able to do it day after day. Lying to an entire nation, it made it hard for me to sleep without dreaming about what happens if they found out about my secret. Now that could spell B-A-D-N-E-W-S indeed.
   ?Okay, girls, now it?s time to play truth and dare.? Regina announced to the group. We huddled around into a circle on her bedroom carpet and sat around telling each other stories. When the whole thing was done, they all went downstairs to get food. I stayed up in the bedroom, watching a movie. Here was I. In the belly of the beast. I?ve tried everything to get Regina to cough up information about my past, but all I get was a swoosh of her hair and the back of her head. Not very fair. When the program went into commercial, I snooped around her room, looking at all of her stuff. I stumbled into her diary. Just recently unlocked, I opened it, and put it onto the first page, titled August 28th, 2004.

Fan Creations / Low Cut Genes-Finally Released
« on: November 21, 2006, 06:48:49 PM »
To pay for the things that I've done in the past, (whatever that may be, *scoffs*), I'll present to you the epic which is called Low Cut Genes. Many won't care. Many would probably heckle (I'm looking at a few of you!), but for those who have appreciated my past works, such as "My One and Only", I will finally present to you this epic. Its not even done yet! Its the longest thing I've ever typed, and the story's only half-done. Please, forgive my past mistakes. Many of you hold a big, big, big grudge against me, and that's all right with me. I've been wrong in the past. It was my stupid mistake to think that something like that could've actually worked. So, other than this, since I've gotten my new 1GB flash drive, i can present to you many broken promises I've held for too long. The Sims 2 TMK Blowout, Robo-Cobo-Sobo, Low Cut Genes, and some other forth thing. So, prepare yourself. Cause this... This is huge.

Low Cut Genes

PART I-Gender-Bending Fun

Chapter One: The Boy Behind The Mask

   It was a gloomy first day of 8th grade. I sat down at the Ride-On Bus Stop seat. My backpack was full of new things for the new year. Math book, pencils, and notebooks abound. I sighed. School hasn?t been the best time for me. My grades are fine and all, but my social life is practically non-existent. The only girl that I?ve actually convinced, yes, convinced, to be my friend, Katie Denver, is not even here right now, as she went to Arizona to meet up with relatives. I had a few good friends, close friends. But most people I know is just the person you call if you missed a day of school and you need a summary of what happened.    And I have plenty of those. It bothers me, really. The night before, I set up a goal for myself to get as many new friends as I can get, but then I figured. Setting up goals are for the dorks and the dweebs. Not me. No. Not like that. That?s not what I want. Will I ever get anything I want? Well, if luck would have it, my ?want? walked passed me. Regina George, the main girl of the school, the leader of the pack, walked passed me. I stood up abruptly and said,
   ?Good morning, Regina.? All she did was look away and say,
   ?Hello, person that isn?t there.? She continued walking pass me, to the School Bus Stop. I didn?t want to ride that bus. Nobody knows me, and nobody likes me. I keep riding the Ride-On because, really, nobody talks on the Ride-On, right? Okay, I admit. I sound like a whiner, right? Its something tragic that happened at school a long time ago, says my mom. Says my mom, I?ll want to forget it. Says me, I want to know. It apparently changed my life, and if I don?t know what changed my life, than it would be worse than if I did know. I mean, c?mon, it can?t be that bad, right? The ride-on screeched to a halt at the tips of my toes. I stood up, carried my impossibly heavier than it looks like backpack, and got in. I sat down at my regular seat, of which was occupied by a strange old man. He was wearing a semi-charred lab coat, complete with torn black gloves. He had the hair-do of Albert Einstein, but as tangled as a maze. He had a thick white moustache, and white hair. His eyes were darting all over the place. I walked over to him. He looked up at me, and whispered,
   ?Sit down, boy. I?ve got something to show you.? I did what I was told, as this guy looked like he would threaten me if I didn?t follow his first order. He dug into his pocket, and pulled out a pen-looking device. It was a shiny red, with a glossy finish. A small steel button was where the ?pop? thing was supposed to be (To open mechanical pens), and a much smaller blue button was where the tip would be. He held it up.
   ?This,? he said in a small whisper, ?is a physical changing device. It can change your outside appearance in a matter of seconds. Press this button (He pointed to the steel button), and think of what you want to look like. Then, count to three. A bright flash of white light should emit from the pen, and your appearance will be completely different, exactly how it looked like in your head. But, you?re still yourself. This button here (He pointed to the blue button) undoes everything you?ve done. Back to your original state. ALL the way back. (He gave me the device) Use it, my boy. I?ve seen what happened outside there, and this I guarantee that this will help you change your life!? I looked at the guy, like he was crazy. Then at the pen, I started to say something, but as soon as I turned towards where he was last, he wasn?t there anymore. I dug the device into my backpack, and looked out the window. The school loomed near.

Chapter Two: Normal Day of Life

   Mr. Carupul called role. I sat at my desk, just tapping my pencil. After role, he gave a smile that was too big for his face, and said,
   ?Good morning, boys and girls! It is another fine day here in Silver Spring, and as your science teacher, I will be teaching you about day and night, why its like that, weather, time, perspective, and a few?? Mr. Carupul continued, but all I was really looking at was Regina and her group of friends. It seems odd that Mr. Carupul is too ignorant to notice that he is competing for attention of the students with the most popular girl in school, or maybe he has seen to much of this kind of behavior and said, ?What the heck. I won?t waste breath for them. Their IQ, not mine.? Or maybe he just does not care. An hour and thirty minutes zoomed by like a cheetah on steroids, and soon enough, the bell was dinging. Third period was over already, and the kid pack rushed out to go to lunch.

   ?Ha. No way she?ll like you.? Kenny Davis said to me at lunch. ?You know. Especially what happened to you and?? ?Shh!? hissed Brad Roberts. I turned to Brad.
   ?Why did you shush him?? Brad looked uneasy. ?Its something personal.? I continued eating my lunch, ham and cheese sandwich, and continued listening to the hushed conversation that we had.
   ?No, look,? Kenny continued, ?Why would the most popular girl in school even talk to a bunch of nobodies like us? For her, we?re just here.? I just had to nod my head. I mean, look at us. We may have been friends since kindergarten, but our social status hasn?t changed much. We just evolved from ?Cute little kids thinking they can fly with one bird feather? to ?Dumb little delinquents who try to impress a girl way out of their reach?, and frankly, nobody gives a hoot about us. Just like Kenny said. We?re just there.

Chapter Three: Grass Is Greener

   I peered at the strange device the crazy old guy had given me hours ago. At a closer inspection, the device clearly had the writing Gene-Bender 2000. It was very mysterious, and had an eerie red glow when I closed the lights. A little tab was on the side. It stuck out very little, but was still very noticeable. Curiosity got the best of me, and I pulled it out. At first, it looked like strange markings, but when turned to the side, it clearly made words:







   The list went on and on. I slipped the tab back into the device, and I just held the device. My pointer finger was itching to press the steel button. I thought to myself. C?mon. You?re not that crazy. This device can?t actually change your appearance. Push-ah. (I chuckled at push-ah) I still wanted to see what would happen if I pressed the button, so I thought of the opposite of what I am right now. Oh, well. DUH! I smacked my forehead. I held the button, and thought of my new appearance. As soon as I thought of this, my head started tingling, than my chest, than stomach, than waist. Body part by body part, until my whole body felt like it was floating in water, tingling at every point in my body. A brilliant, blinding flash of yellow light erupted from the device, and all I could do is hold my free hand to my eyes. FLASH! The light was gone.

   I opened my eyes. I stared at the back of my hand. Hello friend. Funny. Its smaller than the last time I saw it. I didn?t feel any different, think any different. I was still me, right? Surely I must of just lost weight at the flash. I was sweating like a pig. But, the sweat was gone. That?s when I noticed it. My hands. My fingernails. They were colored pink. I. Have. Painted. Nails. I hyperventilated. Surely this can?t be right. SURELY, I can?t be what I imagined, right? It breaks the law of nature. Its not right. Not. Right. I looked down. I was in jean short skirts, I was in a pink blouse. I had long, blonde hair. I stared into the mirror. I. Am. A Girl. I screamed. It didn?t sound like my voice. No, it was definitely a girl?s voice. Not mine. This was higher pitched. I covered up my mouth. I have no sisters. My mom could hear! That?s a bad way to get find out. Cooking in the kitchen, when you hear an unfamiliar voice coming from upstairs, a girl?s voice. There is no girls in this house other than her. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My mom?s cautious voice erupted from under my door. ?Honey? Are you all right? Is someone up there with you? Has Katie returned already? Katie? Are you there?? I thought fast. Katie isn?t a blonde, nor does she wear this clothing. And besides, she?s still in Arizona. I can?t pretend to be her. I did quick thinking. AHA! I locked the door. My mom started knocking on my door.
   ?Honey! The door. Its locked. What are you doing in there?? I took out the device. I pressed the green button. Hurry up, hurry up! I counted to three.
   My mom started banging the door.
   ?I have the keys to your room! I?m coming in!?
   The clicking of keys. My door opened.

   ?David. Was someone here?? I stared at my unpainted nails.
   ?No. No one. Why?? She wrinkled her nose.
   ?I heard someone scream upstairs. A girl.?
   ?I was watching a scary movie on TV. Was the volume too loud??
   ?No, never mind. Just, brush your teeth soon, okay?
   ?Yeah. Sure.? She closed the door lightly, and I faintly heard her say,
   ?I swear someone was up here.? When the last of her footsteps was clearly heard, I sat on the foot of my bed. The device sat there on my lap. Shiny and red in all of its glory. I looked upon the pen, and wondered what this thing could do. I smiled. Anything. As what it has been said many times, the world is yours.

Forum Games / Your Stories: Stories About You
« on: November 12, 2006, 08:02:19 AM »
If you’ve ever read the Chicken Soup books, you’ll know that the books are full of sad, funny, heartwarming bittersweet tales of sorrow and happiness, life issues and people’s issues. Some of these stories are so fanatical that you can’t imagine the truth in it, but you smile in wonder. “Is it ture, and will it happen to me?” To celebrate my “spiritual cleansing” (heh heh) over my “vacation time”, I’ve made a second topic for this. And to celebrate the topic’s opening, I present to you, Lost Letter.

Dear Locker 537,

   Its hard to imagine that one of such stature and size such as you can overwhelm such a larger brute such as I. Its hard to bear the thought that the smartest kid in the class would be fearing and upstaged by one such as you. I’m almost never afraid, and almost never uncertain, but there is a certain air circling around you that changes me completely. When you walk by, my knees feel weak. When you talk, my eyes get watery. When you look at me, dead in the eye, I feel as if I have to look away, as if conversing with a god, because it would be a sin to look at those holy gems. When you laugh, it makes me feel happy. The voice of angels ring in my ears when you talk, and the hands of god touches me when you reach for a pencil and accidentally touch my hand. I never had the courage to tell you any of this, and its been eating away my conscience ever since I’ve laid my eyes on you, that faithful first day of ‘02.
   Now, I’m staring face to face with my stuff in boxes, lining up my bedroom walls. I’m writing this letter on a U-Haul moving van, hurriedly scribbling this letter on a skier’s pant leg. I won’t be back. Might come back in a week. Maybe never. I plan to insert this letter into your locker my final day. I can never tell you any of this out loud. I don’t have the courage to. I may never will. So, this is my final stand. My final chance to set things right. I hope you get this. I hope you read it. I hope you cry and laugh and sob and tear and cheer and feel whatever you want to feel. I want you to be whatever you want to be. Because that’s how I want you.

Locker 538
June 2nd, 2003.

I’ve found this letter in the bottom of my locker, under all the piles of old algebra papers. Its looked unread, as the envelope has never been opened. My curiosity got the best of me, and I was tempted to open it. The girl he must be writing to must’ve never gotten this letter. Now I strive to find this girl, and deliver this letter to her. I owe the guy a lot for bringing my spirits up. I want to be the link between him and her. And I need this lost letter to prove it.

General Chat / Re: New/Returning Members Post Here!
« on: October 11, 2006, 04:13:36 PM »
I'm back from my well-deserved break, and I'm still alive and kicking!

General Chat / Re: Spooky Spooksational Spooktober Spooktacuar
« on: October 11, 2006, 04:12:57 PM »
Yeah, like if its multicolored or something.

Well, anyways, I'm not really going trick-or-treating.
I'm planning to dress up like a scarecrow and sit on my front porch, next to a bowl of candy. When kids try to get the candy...

BOO! I wake up and grab their arm.
This'll be a howling good time...

Oh, and yes. I'm back.

General Chat / Sorry!
« on: August 27, 2006, 11:07:19 AM »
My younger bro was looking around on my username on my computer, and i guess he stumbled into this site.
Sorry all.

I should maybe log out from now on...

General Chat / URGENT!
« on: August 18, 2006, 10:27:02 AM »
I am not really dude677. I am his younger brother.
My big brother had disapeared from our household yesterday, and we searched everywhere for him.
No luck.
Just today, we uncovered a scrap of paper with these strange words. They completely mean gibberish.


i have no idea what this means. Underneath was was this message to me.

"Alex. Go to Give them the above message. Best of luck."

Underneath was was his user name and password, which was unneeded because he never really logs out.

He does this "joke" every two years, and we usually find him in the hallway closet the first two minutes, but now, he has just disapeared.

Please, help me find out where he is!

General Chat / Re: I'm going away! Signed, TMK member
« on: August 16, 2006, 11:04:36 AM »
Okay, to all.

I will be away from the forums for a while.
I do not know how long.
I do not know when I will come back.

I just decided that I need a vacation from the Fungi Forums, as I do not have anything else to say.

As for the sims 2 tmk blowout, that will be postponed. Just for a while. WHen I come back.

As for my stories, they as well be postponed.

You guys and gals have been great to me, but I guess it was my time to move on!

See you guys in a few years!


P.S-You can find me on the GameSpy forums with the same name.

Hope to see you soon!

Oh yeah. You might see my name pop up once in a while.

Video Game Chat / Re: The Sims 2 TMK Blowout! (For Real!)
« on: August 12, 2006, 08:25:58 AM »
My Gaming Rig is six years old!
But I keep it hi-tech and up to standards by installing more RAM, Video Cards, Hard Drive Space.
The Ultimate Windows ME.
It runs The Sims 2 beautifully.

ATI Radeon 9925(?)
AT least 50$,
is what runs The Sims 2 for me.

I am saving money for the expansion packs, because I blew my money on the computer drivers already.

Okay, updates, updates! Expect your pictures of yourselves "simified" August 15th, Eastern US Time.

Site Discussion / Re: Mailbag?
« on: August 10, 2006, 11:48:49 AM »
Carrots just didn't make the cut anymore.

Video Game Chat / Re: The Sims 2 TMK Blowout! (For Real!)
« on: August 08, 2006, 07:05:58 PM »
Saph, sims can get drunk, but the drinks are, quote The Sims,
"non-alcoholic alcohol".


Also, the wine is actually white grape juice, aged from 1918.

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