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Maybe the big space didn't give it away.
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I actually highlighted it, since I thought pt_peach had hidden something there.
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Meh, I'll still be around every day for at the most ten minutes. So, I'll post as much as I can in those ten minutes. Not that it's really that big of a deal. XD

Pt_peach... Grrr... You made me spill my coffee(it burns!)! I don't know what I'd do if you left... =*(

Since we're talking about April Fools day, I have one heck of a fright to tell you: Yesterday when I was taking a jog/run around the 'hood, a car pulled up beside me. The windows were very dark, so I couldn't see what was inside. I heard a man say "Freeze!! Get in the car, now!!" and he held out a 'gun'. I got into the car(a gun was pointed at me), and I looked to my left and my father was smiling at me holding a water gun that looked like a real gun. Then I looked down and I saw a wet spot on my shorts.

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Hopefully because your father squirted you there... >_>  <_<

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Sorry Khold! Hot coffee burns bad. Trust me, I know because I've spilled my mom's on my hands before. That's one cruel joke. Wet spot? Well, I'm guessing you already know what I'm thinking.
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Hopefully because your father squirted you there... >_>  <_<
Erm ...... yeah same.
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I agree with BLF, LD, and EE.
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I would agree with BLT, ID, and ET.

Oh! I almost forgot. Khold, please don't depart completely; we need you to even out the population here!
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Hehe, aww, thanks! It's good to know that I'm wanted in some places... ^_^

I have actually had a lot of free time lately. But if one day I just seem to disappear for awhile, expect me to be back in at least three days.

Yes, I peed my pants, okay? It's over now... But I was scared! I'm sure you would too if a gun was pointed at you!


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OK, guys. I'm going to San Diego for the weekend. I might be able to post there, but if not that's where I'll be. I guess I can post for the next 20 minutes but after that, not until Monday. I sound obsessive...
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Well ummm I'm not going anywhere for Spring Break. *thinks* Why am I posting on this one then. ummm never mind, I didn't say anything.

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You're just now having Spring Break? What country do you live in?


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I'm on Spring Break too. I think we're both in America.


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Spring break is the same as Easter break for a lot of people.
Oh, and Khold, you sig's 3 lines long, which breaks the sig rules. It's cool, though. Maybe alter it somehow so it fills only two lines?
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Oh, I didn't know that. I only get one day off for Easter, and it's next friday. I guess that would make more sense.

I asked Deezer's permission if I could decrease the size so it would be like two lines, and he said it was fine with him. Thanks, though. But like I said in the Sig Topic, if it bothers anybody, I will be happy to change it. ^_^