Author Topic: I don't get it...  (Read 12930 times)

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Why hasn't anyone posted here yet?

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Maybe they didn't notice?

If that's not the reason, then this is proof that nobody on here is actually a die-hard Mario fan.


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Most of this sort of conversation occurs in "Mariology." When somebody has a specific question about a character, item, etc, or comment about a current Mariopedia entry, it would go here.

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Yeah, but nobody reads the site anymore either, as evidenced by tons of recent posts.


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I personally think that Friend Codes and Mariopedia deserve their own board instead of just child boards, but I see why they are under the boards they are.  Still, they'd get more participation if they were more prominent on the main page. 
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Hehehe, to be honest, I haven't really noticed this topic until now. I guess it's not really an eye-catcher...
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What topic? And I see every article.


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Wait, Mariopedia? How long has this been around? (I do read the site... did, at least)
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Many, many years.
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I only found out about this board because the index said that the latest topic on Site Discussion was "I don't get it", yet I didn't see that on the Site Discussion board.