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The British magazine Sci-Fi Now recently published an interview with Rocky Morton, co-director of the Super Mario Bros. movie.  Rocky, who shared directing duties with Annabel Jankel, answered questions and provided insights into the difficulties behind the scenes.

  "Danny De Vito turned us down"
  "We were with CAA, the agency, and our agent set over the script for Super Mario Bros. and I read it and I hated it, but I sort of loved the concept for it. I said to Annabel, I said, ‘This script is terrible but I think this could be our Batman!’"
  "I had to stand by with the new script, obviously, and tell them that it was great when I knew it wasn’t."

These, and many more exciting bits of trivia, can be found over at Sci-Fi Now!

Link: Sci-Fi Now: Super Mario Bros.'s Rocky Morton: 'It was a harrowing experience' - Director Rocky Morton had the worst time making Super Mario Bros.
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