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Here's the credits for the original Super Mario Bros. straight from the Wikipedia page about the game!

Development staff

    * Directed by: Shigeru Miyamoto
    * Executive Producer: Hiroshi Yamauchi
    * Assistant Director: Takashi Tezuka
    * Original Music by: Koji Kondo
    * NOA Producer: Leslie Swan


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How to contribute
I will need a video (.AVI/.MPG/.MOV/whatever) of the entire credits roll. For easily-emulated games, a save state will suffice. For games that happen to have credits in the manual, a scan of the page(s) containing the credits is okay. DO NOT TYPE THE CREDITS.
Having said that, I wonder how long it would last if I changed the NOA Producer on Wiki to Sean Pickle?  Anyway, I'll probably get the Brain Age 2 credits tomorrow.
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The original NES game didn't have any credits at the end, and didn't show any either, Princess Toadstool just presents you with a harder quest!


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Another victory for Captain Obvious.


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Anyway, I'll probably get the Brain Age 2 credits tomorrow.
We don't need Brain Age 2 credits.


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* NOA Producer: Leslie Swan
I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure that Leslie Swan didn't even work for NOA at this point... she first started working on Nintendo Power, which didn't come until a few years later.  No way would she be a producer in 1985.  Wikipedia is full of feces.

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If the Mario & Wario credits video is still needed, be sure to check my vid of it. Schwing.
If you want the video itself, use Vixy. It's an online YouTube video converter.


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They've been on the site for a while, but thanks anyway.

That reminds me, I should have the Super Mario Galaxy credits soon...


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Hey Deezer, here are the Dr. Mario Virus Buster credits:

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I was not expecting to see those so soon and in better-than-YouTube quality.

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The Game & Watch titles do have credits.
(Except maybe the first one, which was only released in Japan, as GameBoy Gallery.)
They are hard to get, though.
Usually, you have to get stars in each and every game (or something like that) by reaching certain scores.
You'll find more information about this on gamefaqs.

Ughh. You got it all wrong.
While the entire Game & Watch series does have credits, the one released only in the UK, Gameboy Gallery does not or unless you get a max score for every game does not have credits. I will send you credits for them soon.

Game and Watch Gallery 1 (Gameboy Gallery in Japan)

Coordinator     Yasu Shimokawa
Coordinator    Ichiro Takigawa
Programmer    Sakae Takase
Programmer    Toshifumi Hiroo
Programmer    Takeshi Yamazaki
Designer    Isao Shiroyama
Designer    Eiji Tachibana
Composer    Yoko Mizuta
Composer    Jin Sugita
Design Adviser    Takashi Tezuka
Translator    Phil Sandhop
Translator    Kayomi McDonald
Director    Hitoshi Yamagami
Producer    Takehiro Izushi

Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Gameboy Gallery 2 in Japan) in game order. I beat the game in three minutes for these.


Yasu Shimokawa
Ichiro Takigawa


Sake Takase
Toshifumi Hiroo
Toru Fushimi
Taro Nagaoka

Isao Shiroyama

Design Adviser
Takashi Tezuka
Shigefumi Hino

Noriko Nishizaka
Saburo Sasaki
Yoko Mizuta

Manual Editor
Yasuo Inoue

Illustration Adviser
Yoichi Kotabe
Fujiko Nomura
Noriyuki Sato

Phil Sandhop
Kayomi McDonald
Keiko Tamura

Special Thanks
Nintendo R&D 1
Super Mario Club
Tose Co.,LTD
Atsushi Tada
Yoshihiro Maruyama
Maoki Inoue
Satoshi Konishi
Satomi Hasuike
Fumiaki Shimada
Maoko Nakayama
Teruhiro Oda
Narumi Mori
Drastic Factory

Produced By
Million Colors

Hitoshi Yamagami

Producer By
Takehiro Izushi
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Please send or attach save states so I can verify.

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Use BGB and since uploader is being an... you have to cut.mp3 from both files. I included both files in case .sn1 does not work for you. If you have to use the.sav go to gallery corner and hold DOWN and PRESS "A" Button.
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Uploader's being an..., eh?

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Uploader's being an..., eh?

... a keyhole. .zip well you outsmarted me.
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