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Well, Nintendo has released the "full" version of Ice Climbers to the 3DS eShop... but it includes a feature I've never seen in any of the 3DS VC games: Download Play!

This took me by surprise, and it seems like a great sign of things to come, seeing as they've never really supported much of any multiplayer for the 3DS VC. Do you guys think this means they might go back and update other games to have download play? Or maybe this is one of the few that needed it (because of simultaneous play), and add it to any other games in the future that need it? I'm personally hoping for more support on GameBoy Color titles, and multiplayer support (however this is probably way trickier) for the Wii U VC GameBoy Advance titles.
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I could see 3ds download play on the Wii U since it has been said that the Wii U would most likely use a 3DS instead of a second gamepad.

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Well, that makes a lot of sense; according to Nintendo, the Wii U was never meant to have a secondary GamePad. It'd be a lot easier if they used cross-compatibility between the 3DS and Wii U VC.
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Ohhhhhhh man do I want Kirby and the Amazing Mirror to have multiplayer. I mean, sure, it's most likely that none of the GBA games will ever get it, but out of all of them, that and Mario Kart are the ones that I think might benefit the most.
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Download Play on VC titles sounds like a great idea for titles with simultaneous play. Maybe if Mario Bros. comes to the eShop... hm.