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Yes, finally, the time has come. Here it is, everything and anything you wanted to know from the Nintendo Press Event, from media to information, it's all ready and barely legal. The above image is directly from the new Brain Age 2!

Listed by site:

Event Wrap-Up
Mario Party 8 Screens
Mario Strikers Charged Screens

Mario Strikers Charged interview
Mario Strikers Charged video
Mario Party 8 video
Mario Party 8 images
Mario Strikers Charged images

Game Trailers
Nintendo Media Summit overview (DK Jungle Climber info)
Mario Strikers Charged Trailer
Mario Party 8 Trailer
Mario Strikers Charged developer's walkthrough (online)

Mario Party 8 minigames trailer
Mario Strikers Charged ‘Multiplayer’

Mario Party 8 trailer
hands-on Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged hands-on
* Earn tickets to unlock Dr.Mario minigame in Brain Age 2
Mario Party 8 hands-on

Brain Age 2 video (Dr.Mario reference)

Super Mario Strikers Charged hands-on

All screenshots, concept art, and Mario references will be updated and documented throughout the night and weekend on, so stay tuned!
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