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Like many of you, i got the SMB/DH combo that came with the NES and the little orange gun for Christmas inn...jeez...89 i think. What a good year. Everyone and their mother got that for Christmas that season, though...guess parents ran out of ideas. Thank God they did.

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First game ever played: SMB/Duck Hunt
First game ever bought: Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest (N64)

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My first ever video game was Super Mario 64.

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Besides my very first video game I ever played, I know my first video game I've played on other home consoles and handhelds as well. I didn't start playing video games until 1991.

First GameBoy game I've played: Tetris
First Japanese GameBoy game I've played: Pocket Monsters Pikachuu ~ Pokemon Yellow
First GameBoy Color game I've played: Pocket Bomberman
First Japanese GameBoy Color game I've played: Pokemon Silver
First Gameboy Advance game I've played: Mario Kart Super Circuit
First Japanese GameBoy Advance game I've played: Wario Land Advance
First SNES game I've played: Super Mario World
First N64 game I've played: Mario Kart 64
First Japanese N64 game I've played:
First Sega Dreamcast game I've played: NBA 2K2
First Japanese Dreamcast game I've played: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
First European Dreamcast game I've played: Quake III Arena
First Sega Saturn game I've played: Sega Rally Championship
First Playstation game I've played: WWF Warzone
First Japanese Playstation game I've ever played: WWF Smackdown
First Japanese Gamecube game I've played: Super Smash Brothers DX - Super Smash Brothers Melee
First PC game I've played: ZZT

My first home console was the Sega Genesis model 1.
My first handheld was the GameBoy Pocket.

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My first ever game was the ever popular Super Mario Bros. 2.  Of course I had to wait until 1997 is when I finally got a Super Nes.  Then a couple months later,  I played the game.  I actually played it for Nes awhile back in the early 90s at a friend's house.

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Super Mario World was my first, I just moved around the spectrum after that.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I remember playing Flight Simulator for DOS. Yes, the very first one. I must of been 8 or 9 by then. lol, I couldn't even get the plane off the ground.

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my first vidio game ever was The ledgand of zelda a link to the past [Ive been a zelda freak since not acusing mario OK]


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My first game that I think I got was Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt...I never really played it, my dad got it for me since I was load and noisy and tearing up the house.

Than I guess when I was 7 I might have started playing it. But I never remember playing it much.

I like the Super Nintendo the best. It's awsome. I like Super Mario RPG, that game is awsome. Always played it with my friend when he came over(best friend that lives in a different state)...


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My first game was both SM All-Stars and SMW (which came w/ the SNES). Christmas ' Christmas ever.

I first game I ever bought was SMRPG (that game was expensive!) Of course, not before renting it about 20 billion times.

1st GB game: Tetris
1st N64 game: Yoshi's Story
1st GBA game: SM Advance
1st (and only) GB color game: SMB DX
1st GCN game: SSMB

I actually got SMB DX after I got a GBA, when I realized it could also play GB and GBC games. So I saved money on not having to buy a GBC!
(We used to be REALLY behind on getting VG systems. I mean, we didn't get an N64 'til October '99!) Fortunately, I've made SURE we stay current--I even pre-ordered SMS!

Sorry 'bout rambling ;)

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Mine was Super Mario Bros. 3, my dad played it for me before I fell asleep when I was two. When I was four, I played it for the first time.

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 Ah yes, Super Mario RPG was expensive. $60, I believe. Took me awhile to get that sort of money in those days.

 And yes, Chrono Trigger is a very, very good game. Despite the fact it was only mentioned briefly, everyone should play it.

 I could have sworn I posted in this topic before, but it was probably just one that was similar. Anyways, my first game, while I'm not certain, was probably Pac-Man on the Atari. Either that or Pong. Such great games.

 My first Nintendo game, on the other hand, was Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt.


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A topic almost identical to this must of posted before because I remember or dreamed posting on it.

My first console was an Atari 7200 although my mother worked at a toy store so I had played all the systems.  I don't know which atari 7200 game I played first because my grandmother had bought us nearly a dozen game for Christmas that year.  I shared a Tandy with a friend and played a game on it that involved landed a spacecraft.  I saw a similiar game in DarkBASIC recently.  I think the first game I played and got into was a "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" game that was mostly or possible all text, but it was cool because the books where and still are so cool.  I think Pacman, Galaga, or Galaxian was the first arcade video game I played.  (i think i misspelled those game names).  Anway, the first video game I became addicted to was Super Mario Bros.  Later my father and I got addicted to the Final Fantasy series and other similiar RPG's on SNES.  My mother hated it.  We would stay up to 2 in the mourning on school nights playig FF3 and Chronotrigger.  My stepfather was cool that way, although he would beat the hell out of you if you lied to him.


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Galaga and Galaxian were spelled correctly.

I have something on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game in a book I own. I can dig up some history and post it here if you wish.

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