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It's a tough call. Posting about trivial matters after someone makes a truly sad announcement does indeed feel shallow. However, making a post in a "TRAGEDY thread" would be even more awkward.

Chef: Many things don't warrant their own thread but should still be posted somewhere.
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I haven't made a thread in ages.
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One of the reasons I think I left last time was due in part to the small number of almost black-hole like threads.  It made it hard to create a new thread without it being.  Not that I'm demanding change, or anything, but it did wear on me a little.  And yes, I understand the irony of complaining about the thread within said thread. 
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That kind of thing is really why the ANGST thread shouldn't exist. It prevents anything that should rightfully exist as its own thread from.... existing as its own thread.

Then why don't you flex your mod muscle and lock it, along with the Hopeful thread? That should earn you some fans.

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I guarantee you the second I'd lock this thread people will immediately turn heads and start complaining about it.


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I appreciate all your messages. A lot, actually.

Maybe this type of situation warrants its own thread because, yes, while it's angst, it's doesn't really fit the "complain here" aspect of the thread and it's much more serious than, "lol [darn] it i broke my ds." It sort of drags the whole thread down, and makes it hard to know when to pick the thread back up with other angsty happenings without coming off as being uncaring or apathetic towards a person's loss, kinda like if you said, "ahh sucks trainman..... wellll okay, i lost my game the other day and..."

I'm not too sure. What do you guys think?

I don't know man.  I can see where you're coming from, though.  However, when my uncle committed suicide on that dark February day over a year ago, I believe I just posted it here in this thread.  Never in my life did I ever come so close to having a mental BSOD.  I am so, so sorry for your loss.

On the other subject, yes, it just doesn't feel right referring to posts like yours as "complaining."  You're deeply saddened by your loss; you're obviously not complaining about something trivial, like your DS example.
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Something that contained extreme amounts of bull happened the other day.

I was at Mejier and I wanted to get a copy of God of War III. I had always used my room mate's copy in the past so I never needed my own. The guy at the games/electronics counter says they have one in stock so they have to go back and get it. I wait about TEN minutes and he comes back and says it isn't there. What?! I tell him to go back and look again.

As a customer in a retail environment you expect certain behavior on the part of employees. I expected him to be a little annoyed, but his reaction was a little stronger. "F--- you!" he then pushed me and I went flying back towards the little flappy doors that are always separating the normal part of the store to the "back." When I looked up, I saw David Weiss. I asked Weiss what to do, there was a crazy employee who apparently didn't care about being fired. Weiss told me to open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.

And I did.

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The exact same thing happened to me, except I ended up getting in one little fight and my mom got scared and said, "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air".
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On a more serious note, I got my PSP two days ago...the battery in it was broken (taped together, and when I opened it up to look inside, I found a gouge in the battery itself), so I can only play on AC power until I get a new battery. And I don't have a memory stick yet, so I can't save data for the games I bought (though thankfully neither is really affected that badly by lacking save functionality).

(Would it have killed Sony to have put some usable flash memory onboard these things just for saving games? This is the twenty-first century, for crying out loud. Even my crappy cell phone has 32MB onboard.)

For what it's worth, I'm quite happy with the system itself. It feels nice in my hands and, aside from the analog nub (which is optional for the one game I have that supports it), I have no problems playing games on it. The screen looks nice (I did buy a cheap soft case, so I can carry the system in my pocket and have the screen stay that way), and the audio volume and quality are quite good. And I'm loving both of the games I bought - DarkStalkers Chronicle is a port of a game I already loved to play (Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service, on the Dreamcast), and now I actually own a copy (it's pretty much impossible to buy the original - it was Japan-only, could only be bought directly from Capcom, and only five thousand copies were made), and Every Extend Extra would've been worth it even if it had just been a portable version of the original Every Extend.

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What model did you get?
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2000. Didn't want a 1000 because automatically being able to put custom firmware on it wasn't worth the hardware features it'd lack, and didn't want a 3000 because you can't put CFW on them unless they're below a certain firmware (which most used ones wouldn't be). Also because it was $80.

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I need to get a 2000. I really want to be able to play my PSP games on my TV. Also 3000s have weird interlacey type screens.
That was a joke.


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I have to buy a cheap third-party output cable for mine because Sony only manufactures component cables, and only one television in my house supports component input. Bleh.

Other stuff: Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons is a really lame game, so I'm glad the first week of STGT2010 is over. Even better, the second week caught everyone completely off-guard; everyone was expecting "Repeat Week" to mean a game from a previous tournament, but instead we're playing Konami's classic R-TYPE clone, Xexex. Great game with straightforward scoring, so this is a far better state of affairs than playing a crappy game involving boss-milking...problem is, it won't run at playable speeds in MAME on either of my computers, and the only home port is part of Salamander Portable, which is Japan-only. So I'm not going to get to play the game as much as I'd like.


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My headphones are becoming unusable.  The ones I use for this computer, that is.  One of the earpieces has suddenly decided to stop working.  Now I'll either have to put up with it, buy a new set, or use my MP3 Player/DS headphones for my computer as well.
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You don't use one pair for everything? I do.

Also, I got Kirby's Dream Land 3 in excellent condition for $30 but the game is so slow and boring that I feel ripped off. The music and is great but the graphics are not of quality, likewise the controls are also helped make this game lack-luster. I'll still finish Kirby's Dream Land 3.
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