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Just one more year back and you've got the right awnser.
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Okay. Well then you mean 11 years before the 21st century. The new millennium started in 2001, not 2000. Apparently not many people realize that, as seen by the hype before 2000 (excluding the Y2K stuff).

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Therefore, all centures and decades don't begin with the year ending in 0, but 1?

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Well, I guess the 1st century began with year 1 A.D. and not 0...

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My birhtday is Decmeber 11, 1986. Yes I will be 19 by the end of the year. Heh, it's becuase of my late birthday that I'm in the class of 2005 instead of 2004, so I'm older than most people in my grade.

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ADD ME!!!!! Mine's 10/28/91!

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*Pulls out napkin with prepared speech about being on the top of the list and the oldest.


*Point megaphone toward Watoad.

"Now here this!"

Watoad continues to stare off at the trees and clouds.

*Kicks dirt in Watoad's general direction and congratulates Sapphira on her mad skills while waiting for the rockslide to gather momentum.
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Hurray, I'm on the list.

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Sorry guys, but I gotta pass this one.

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OK, I've edited my brother's post.
How he got my password is beyond me... anyway, my year is 2591.

Ugh!! What is this horrible thing on the bottom of my post??

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Whoa, that fooled me there for a moment. I thought you were underage.
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Actually, the "13 years or older" is really just a suggested age.

I remember DNC was 11 or 12 when I first saw him here.

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GiftedGirl is apparently born in 1991, since he turned thirteen a few days ago.

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+s   ;)

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Or, 1992

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