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Wholly flakeroni! That poem was magnificent! Of course, it's difficult to set a good rhythm with text-to-speech, but it was flat-out hilarious.

EDIT: Inspiring, actually. Bird Person and I put our collective head together to make the monotonous but amusing song: Joy to the Dezzer!
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Ooh!  I'll have to check that out soon.  I bet it's good (or else it's really dumb, but it could still be good).

In case people want the original lyrics to the 12 days of Christmas, I decided to be a good little Yoshisaurus and list them all here for inspiration.

1st day... a partidge in a pear tree. (I believe that's a bird)
2nd day... two turtle doves (those are also birds.  They're part turtle.)
3rd day... three french hens (more birds and, yes, they're french.)
4th day... four calling birds (who would want this many birds?!?! @_@)
5th day... five golden rings (one that could destroy Middle Earth)
6th day... six geese a-laying (no more birds!!  Ask for some money now!)
7th day... seven swans a-swimming (Where's my rifle?  I'm going to shoot some birds!)
8th day... eight maids a-milking (cows, right?)
9th day... nine ladies dancing (with me!)
10th day... ten lords a-sleeping (lazy men anyway)
11th day... eleven pipers piping (you mean plumbers piping!)
12th day... twelve drummers drumming (what a generous person!  Too bad I didn't like any of the gifts though.)

There.  Done.  Woohoo.  X_X

Tomorrow I'll probably listen to and watch A vist from Dezzer, Joy to the Dezzer, and the new Deezer the Snowman video that sounds like Christmas gold.  Or... frozen gold.  Or... yellow snow?  Um... yeah, I would have listened to them sooner but I forgot and I also have dial-up which is the devil.  I'm somehow excited about it. ^_^
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That song was written in the days of slavery, when it was standard for an American couple to give at least 50 humans to their five-year old son.
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The eight maids are humans, not cows.
The lords are leaping, not sleeping.
That was a joke.

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The eight maids are humans, not cows.
He means eight maids milking cows ("right?").

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10th day... ten lords a-sleeping (lazy men anyway)

I believe they were a leaping, not a sleeping, but good job anyway.

And this part made me lol..

5th day... five golden rings (one that could destroy Middle Earth)
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Which is where the 10 Bros a-leaping came from, but that doesn't make much sense cause there are only two leaping brothers that I know of in this wonderful franchise.
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