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Just hope that they don't have self-serve fountain drinks.

ShadowBrain, that Sony response is in the original article.
That was a joke.


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Well, I caught wind of that particular story on GoNintendo and linked to the link they gave, so to me, that was the original article.

Every time something like this is allowed to exist, I die a little more inside.
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Why aren't you completely dead yet?


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I said inside, not outside. Just don't hit me too hard with anything.

I may have a cyst on my arm.
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Now, because of ignorant middle-agers naming a condition using a generic name related to videogames, Sony has to hilariously save face.

The hilarity of it was that it was a girl. Not to say that girls play video games, but I can't think of a single girl who has played PS3...for long....

Oh wait a sec...


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It's not the comic itself that concerns me, but the fact that its subject matter actually exists.

If there's ever been worse timing, I haven't seen it.
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Midterm tomorrow.  Essay test.  I'm not even sure I'm ready after a full day of studying.
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Rage time.

First is an unimportant issue regarding friends and their girlfriends and the resulting distancing from said friend because he's too busy suckin' face and texting her every frikkin' day (even at bowling, so I'm practically alone) and he'd better not be texting her the whole time we're at Magic Mountain to celebrate my birthday

Next is when stupid moms in their red SUVs and their assumed superiority. The bowling alley's parking lot is specifically marked. There is one entrance and one exit. You come in through the entrance on the right, and when you leave you go around the building and use the exit. I've always known this, I go the correct way. I'm backing up with my trunk to the entrance because I'm going to go around with my windshield to the way to the exit because that's how I'm supposed to go. I turn my head to shift to drive and this frikkin' lady waggles her finger at me as if I'm in the wrong. The mix of my feelings of rage toward this older=smarter mentality and her daring to act like she's MY mother and waggle her finger at me? What? I yell out my one-third-opened window


She had BETTER have heard that and realized what I meant and looked like an idiot in front of her daughter. And the above-mentioned friend and his girlfriend and his brother.
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Remember her description and stay prepared for your next encounter with her.


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Are you crazy? BP's nemesis isn't any ordinary soccer mom.


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But seriously, yeah, I hate people like that.
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I hope Nintendo is reading this, because a lot of people are taking the "disappearing grass" feature pretty seriously...
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Cool... but the guy who made it wants $14,000 for it.

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--GamesRadar does it again...
--Noble in theory, but as for the execution... well, who wants a job determining if videogame girls are 18+ or not?
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