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I was watching a SSB tournament stream when ADS EVERYWHERE

No, I don't have adware, it's actually that bad. They broke the flow of the matches like crazy, especially since they were running really far behind.

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I just got home from a trip to find that my laptop's screen is malfunctioning. This is what it looks like now. I guess it's kind of my fault for leaving it inside of a crowded bag, but it still sucks. Turns out replacements are around $60.

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I may have never watched his movies, but even just from seeing him in commercials and interviews and stuff, I could tell that Robin Williams was a great and genuinely charming actor/funny guy. I'm legitimately bummed that he's gone. It's been rumored to be suicide by asphyxiation.


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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.
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Some deets came out; he hung himself with a belt, and they found cuts on his wrist.

Holy [dukar], man...

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Why can't I create my own topic??


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Did you read the rules?
Know the most important contribution of the organ Fund science girls type. It's true!

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Did you read the rules?
No, I did not. Thanks for pointing it out though

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Kind of weird how I mentioned having a girlfriend for a month in another thread, and then a few days later, it turns out she was cheating on me with a guy AND a girl that she told me wasn't gay and was just "really affectionate." Neither of whom had any idea about each other's relationships, of course. I'm not that hurt, though. It's not like I miss her; she did cheat on me, after all.

I'm an easily sad and bruised kind of guy, the girl was having troubles finding a place to stay and seemed like a pretty "soft" type of person, and the guy was diagnosed with clinical depression, so she really just manipulated emotionally fragile people. Truly the worst type of person.
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Polyamory and infidelity? I wouldn't sweat being "easily sad and bruised" -- you'd have to be a robot to not lose it over that. Every time I think I've scoped out the greatest lengths of emotional exploitation, a chick like that comes along and hands me a pair of binoculars...
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you'd have to be a robot to not lose it over that
Has the time finally come? Must I join Weegee/Fatbro on /r9k/? Have I been summoned for misogynistic duty at last?

Just kidding. She gave me an explanation and she claims she didn't want to reject anyone because that's her biggest fear (which she's said to me before), but uh, isn't lying to people behind their backs way worse than rejecting them? Either she's lying or that's some very faulty reasoning.

I didn't really "lose it" over that. I just felt like "eh, she cheated on me, I won't miss her". Much less of an emotional blow than my last breakup, that's for sure.
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You just reminded me: My girlfriend in high school had that very same issue with rejecting people when she was in middle school. It resulted in her having three boyfriends and one girlfriend at once.

...In retrospect, I wonder how she didn't manage to drive me completely nuts. :P

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I think she may be a pathological liar, considering how much conflicting information the people she cheated on me with have given her about her home life.