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Fan Creations / A few new pieces of Art
« on: October 21, 2008, 10:11:26 PM »
Just some new art I did. The first two are original pieces and the last is Harvest Moon fanart. I think that its okay to post non-Mario fanart here. If its not, well, you know what to do.

Fan Creations / Our Little Refuge
« on: August 28, 2006, 11:42:35 PM »
This story is set in the early 1920's. All the smashers are or have become poor. They go through hardships as they learn about friendship, love, and hardship. Read chapter one for a 562 word summary. Rated T for violence and abuse.

The SSBM cast in a story based around poverty. All of the SSBM cast are poor teenagers, who have one way or another become poor. They have to work to take care of their aging parents and small siblings. They learn about friendship, love, and hardship. Based in the early 1900's or 1920's.

Mario (17), Luigi (16) and Peach (15) are siblings. Their dad is Doctor Mario (40). Dr. Mario is a drunk and drinks up his money at the local pub while his children are hungry.

Link (16), Young Link (10) and Zelda (15) are siblings and their father is Ganondarf (45) ( (their father is Ganondarf because Ganondarf + father evil father a plot for me to set their story against). Ganondarf beats up his sons and he doesn't feed his daughter and makes her clean the house and cook the dinner and makes her sleep in the celler with all the rats and bugs. She gets sick often. Her brothers try to sneak her things down there as often as they can and when their father gets drunk , he is so drunk he doesn't notice Zelda slip into the kitchen.

Roy (16) and Marth (14) are siblings. They are orphans. They used to be princes. Their kingdom was taken over and their parents killed so now they live on the streets. They are not used to working, so it is hard for them. They are used to sleeping in late, eating on time, and getting what they want. Also, Marth is reeeallly immature for his age and is really silly and Roy is constantly losing jobs because he still has that "I'm the Boss" mentality.

Falco (18)(orphaned) and Fox (20) are cousins. They fight a lot, because Falco wants to do what he wants to do and Fox is trying to keep him in line and he tells him what to do, because he is living with him.

Pikachu (10) and Pichu (7) are siblings while their cousins are Jigglypuff (12) and Kirby (13) and their dad is Mewtwo. Jigglypuff and Kirby live with Mewtwo, too. Mewtwo is very strict and makes sure the children that live in his house have no fun. And since Mewtwo favors Kirby, he lets him do whatever he pleases. Kirby is a spoiled brat and whenever Pikachu, Pichu, or Jigglypuff do something he doesn't like, he tells Mewtwo, who beats them.

Captain Falcon is the sheriff of the town and Samus Aran is his wife.

Bowser is the President of the World of Nintendo while Donkey Kong, his best friend, is the Vice President. Bowser has two step-children, Nana and Popo, who were from his late wife's previous marriage.

Mr. Game and Watch is the bodyguard for Nana and Popo when they go to school. He stays with them at all times.

Nana (10) and Popo (10) are twins and were orphans unitl President Bowser (50) was kind-hearted enough to take them in. Popo is very mischiveous as is his sister, Nana. They always manage to get around Mr. G & W. He does his best to keep an eye on them.

Ness (12) makes little toys with his knife of out of wood and Yoshi helps him sell them them. Ness rides on Yoshi's back and yells to the children about his toys. Ness is very talented.

And now I present the story, Our Little Refuge

In the Hyrule's House

"Get back in here boy!" screamed Ganondarf Hyrule as he ran down the hall after his son. Link ran as fast as he could to the next year, but he was no match for his violent, abusive and strong father. Ganondarf soon had him wrestled down to the floor.

"Stop it father!" screamed a frightened 10 year old Young Link. "Please, don't hurt him!"

As Young Link was pleading, his father slapped him to the other side of the room, knocking him against a wall. His mouth was bleeding.

Zelda, 15 years old yet thin and fragile, who was hiding in the next room, crying, heard a thump on the wall and instantly ran into the next room.

"Link!" she screamed. The sight was horrifying: Ganondarf was continuously punching 16 year-old Link in various places. He had a black eye, his nose was bleeding, and his lip was swollen. He was yelping in pain.

"Link!" she cried, tears streaming down her face. This was by far the worst beating their father had ever given him.

Almost miraculously, Link managed to yell Zelda's name in between all the pain. But he was too late.

Ganondarf has released his grip on Link and grabbed Zelda. She was so light and fragile, and he was picked her up by her arms, lifting her from the floor.

"DON'T EVER INTERFERE IN WHAT I'M DOING!" Ganondarf barked as he choked Zelda, even tighter than before. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND!

"Yes-" she managed to choke out, in between gasping for breath and crying out of pain.

"YES FATHER!" boomed Ganondarf, making his grip on her neck even tighter. "SAY IT!"

"Yes Father!" Zelda choked, as her eyes went into her head and she passed out.

Ganondarf then went out of the room, as Young Link started to cry.

"Zellie," he wailed. "Link." They were hurt badly.

Y. Link first went over to his sister, because she was unconscious. She was also the frailest out of all of them. Ganondarf made her work hard and he barely let her have anything to eat. He said that it was punishment for her interfering when he's 'teaching her brothers a lesson'.

"Zellie?" said a worried Y. Link. Zelda's arms were red yet her face was pale.

Link was not unconscious, but he was hurting badly. "I'll come back for you, Zellie." said a crying Y. Link.

Y. Link went over to Link and tried to get his arm over his shoulder so that he could pull him out. As he was pulling Link out, he was careful for his father not to hear him.

When they got to the room, he put Link on his bed. As he was leaving the room, Link whispered to him.

"What did you say?" asked Y. Link.

"Please, take care of Zellie. She's hurt worst than I Am." said Link, clutching his arm, as it was in pain.

"I will, Link." said Y. Link.

"I'm gonna try to walk the pain off at the park." said Link.

When he came back for Zelda, he found that she was awake, but breathing very hard.

"What's wrong, Zellie?" asked Y. Link.

"My," Zelda gasped. "Neck hurts." Tears started coming to her eyes.

"Don't cry, Zellie." said Y. Link. "Do your arms hurt?"

Zelda nodded to Y. Link as more tears started fell from her eyes.

Y. Link started to rub his sister’s arms until the redness went away. Soon, she was asleep. Y. Link felt like it was he needed to stay by his sister, so he went to sleep, holding onto her arm.

[/b]Dr. Mario's Household[/b]

"Dad," said Peach Mario, Dr. Mario's 15 year-old daughter. "I need the money to go shopping. I have to make dinner. There's no food in the all."

"What money?" asked a drunken Dr. Mario. "There's no such thing as money!"

"Dad!" said Peach. "Are you drunk?"

He didn't have to answer that, because Peach knew he was, as he had drifted off to a drunken sleep.

When Peach was sure he was sleep, she checked all his pockets and all possible places that he could've put money in.

When she found nothing, she found tear welling up in her eyes. She started to cry; she had had nothing to eat for 2 days. She was starving. Her father was a drunk and he used all his money at the pub.

So Peach sadly walked and laid down by the front door to wait for her brothers, Mario and Luigi, to come home. They were sleeping over at a friend’s.

Mario and Luigi were her older brothers. Mario was 17 and Luigi was 16. They were great friends towards each other. They didn't have to work because their father made enough. They had no idea that their sister was going to bed without having had breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

When they walked through the door, they were shocked to see Peach on the floor, crying.

"What wrong, Peachie?" asked Mario. Luigi then picked Peach up. "Yeah, Peachie, what's wrong?"

"Daddy," she started, holding back more tears. "Every since you two have been gone, he has been using up all the money at the pub. I haven't eaten in two days."

"WHAT!" boomed Mario and Luigi. Their little sister was like a treasure to them. They loved her entirely too much to ever let anything happen to her, let alone in their own home. They started to go towards their father’s sitting room.

"Don't bother going in there." said Peach. "He's sleep and stupidly drunk."

"I'll deal with him in the morning." said Mario.

"Come on, Peach. Let's go get something to eat at my friends." said Luigi.

"Don't tell them what's going on!" said Peach. This surprised her brothers. "This could just be a phase daddy is going through."

"She's right." said Luigi. "Don't tell them, Mario."

"Then we go there for a night snack?" asked Mario.

"Yea." said Luigi. "Let's get something and we'll take Peach to the park. We'll talk to my friend there."

"Peach could eat while we are talking." said Mario.

"Yeah." agreed Luigi. "Let's go."

At the Park

"Peach, go sit over there on that bench while we talk." said Mario.

"Okay." said Peach as she went over to the bench.

She noticed a young man not much older than herself sitting on the bench across from her. He looked hungry and he was obviously beat up.

She went to his bench and to sit besides him.

"Are you hungry?" she asked.

"A little." he said. He saw Peach breaking off her bread and quickly added. "But you look hungrier."

At this remark, Peach looked down into her lap.

"I Am." she said. "I haven't eaten for the last two days."

"You look familiar." the young man said.

"I'm Peach Mario." said Peach. "I'm 15."

"I'm Link Hyrule." said the young man. "I'm 16."

"Are you still hungry?" asked Peach. "I can spare a bit."

"Okay." said Link. "But only because you offered."

Peach looked at Link and noticed his black eye and bruised cheek. His arm also looked bruised.

"What happened there?" asked Peach as she pointed to his arm.

"Eh," Link hesitated.

"I could probably help." Peach said. "I'm Dr. Mario's daughter."

"You are...Hey!" Link suddenly shouted. "If you're Dr. Mario's daughter, how come you don't eat? He's the most well paid person in town, besides the mayor!"

Peach blushed. She had asked her brothers not to tell the story to anyone else. But she had a good feeling about this guy.

"If you'll tell me how you hurt so badly," said Peach. "I'll tell you how I didn't eat for two days."

"It's a deal." said Link, curious as to why the second wealthiest guy in town’s daughter was half starving.

"My daddy," started Peach. "He...he's been going to the pub and using all the money he earned. There was no food in the house when my brothers went out for 2 days. He never gave me the money to go to market."

By this time, tears were running down her face. Peach was a very emotional and sensitive person, and her feelings were triggered by even the slight mention of the incident.

"Don't cry." said Link as he patted her on the back for comfort. He didn't like to see anyone like this.

"Well," said Peach as she wiped the tears from her face. "What's your story?"

"My father..." started Link. The thoughts and pain from the fight with his father came back as a strike of pain. "Ahh!" he screamed.

Link had fallen off of the bench and was on his knees in the grass; it was as if an evil force was pulling him.

"Link!" said Peach. She quickly scampered to the ground and helped him up.

"You don't have to say anymore." said Peach. "Your actions were enough. I'm sorry I asked."

"You don't have to be." said Link. He managed to flash Peach a smile. "I have a sister. She's 15, like you."

"Could you bring her here one day?" asked Peach anxiously. "I'd love to meet another girl in this town."

"I might...manage." said Link. He knew his father would never let her out of the house. But he wanted to get her out of that house once in a while.

"This could be our little refugee." said Peach. "Away from all of our hardship. You could bring your sister here, too. We could just take at least an hour for us."

"I have a little brother, too." said Link. "His name is Young Link. He's 10."

"That's charming!" said Peach. "You have a little brother with the same as you!"

"Well, he really looks like me when I was younger." said Link. He then mumbled, A complete clone...

"What was that?" asked Peach.

"Nothing." said Link. Then he pointed to her bread. "You still haven't eaten."

"I haven't!" laughed Peach. She broke the bread and gave a piece to Link, and they ate in the moonlit park.

End of First Chapter

Note: That was not supposed to be a romance scene (why did I say this?).


Our Little Refuge on

Video Game Chat / Camp Hyrule!
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:25:27 AM »
Have you all reserved your cabin at Camp Hyrule? It is Nintendo's official summer camp, starting on August 14 until the 18, a week of Nintendo! If you've registered, what is your username? Then we will all be happy campers! I am, obviously, ptpeach (I registered at before I came here)

Mario Chat / YKYOWMGW
« on: July 16, 2006, 08:12:48 PM »
My my, I just jumped on the bandwagon, too!

You know you're obsessed with Mario games when

- You write a report on Mario when assigned to write a report on anything
- You can name every Mario game in order by year, alphabetical order, and depending on the game
- You have a Mario themed bedroom
- You are grown and have a Mario themed house
- You dress your baby sibling in a Mario suit
- You say Mario or another one of the characters in the Mario games in every sentence you say

Gee, were these lame? I couldn't think of anything else?

Site Discussion / About the login
« on: April 01, 2006, 11:47:15 PM »
How come when first get to the front page of the fungi forums, I sign in and it doesn't go through but when I do it on the page where it says: Problem, please enter password again, it goes through? This has been going on for me for about 1 week and a half now. Please reply ASAP

General Chat / Are YOU a loser?
« on: March 27, 2006, 04:27:49 PM »
Here is a quiz that states how cool you are. Here's mine:

I am 42% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

I guess that's me...

Fan Creations / Spys and Sleepovers
« on: March 18, 2006, 03:47:35 AM »
Oh hi everybody! This is my first fanfic. I wrote it, about, lets say the beginning of this year and I just made this chapter. It is rated PG, for it has nothing inappropriate in it. A sleepover/spy SSBM fanfic. Enjoy!!!


One day, Princess Peach Toadstool was taking a walk in her garden.

"What a beautiful day it is!" she said as she allowed herself to collapse into her flowerbed. Suddenly, she heard giggles. She looked around cautiously, as she was surprised. She saw her best friends: Princess Zelda of Hyrule, Princess Daisy of Sarasaland, and Samas Aran, a bounty hunter from space, who just happened to know how to kick butt.

"What's up?" said Daisy. "Having a good time speaking aloud to yourself? Tee hee!"

Peach blushed a rosy pink. "I was enjoying myself!" Peach said defensively, still blushing.

"So what have you been up to these days in this ol' castle?" asked Zelda.

"Same'o, same'o" said Peach playfully. "Just trying to avoid Bowser!" Everyone laughed.

Meanwhile, Link was strolling around the Mushroom Kingdom. He had come for sightseeing and maybe a little training with Mario.

"What should I do?" he said to himself. "Go visit Peach or something..."

He blushed at the thought of it. He liked Peach. A lot. Her beautiful blond hair, pretty face, pink lips, blue eyes,...Link could describe Peach in a million words. She was smart and had spunk and was brave and pretty strong. But of course Peach didn't know this. He got lightheaded just thing of her. Then he heard someone laugh at him. It was Roy.

"Whatcha doin' daydreaming?" asked Roy.

Roy had fiery red hair and a very boyish face. He had the face of a 10 year old but the voice and body of an 18 year old.

"Hey Roy!" said Link, his blond hair blowing in the wind around his face. "How you been?"

Roy gave Link a face that said 'Don't try to change the subject'.

Link blushed a deep red and said, very defensively "I do not!"

"Yes, you do!" said Roy! " I heard you daydreaming. Your thoughts were being said, not thought in your head. Better be a little more careful next time you think of Peach, aye?"

Link was angry. He hadn't wanted anyone to know about his big crush on Nintendo Land's most famous princess.

"Don't tell anyone!" said Link, pleadingly. "It would ruin me!"

"Well, I HAVE seen your little hole in the wall. We were room mates and all."

At this, Link almost passed out. No one knew about his secret little space. It was a little space dedicated to Peach. Doing different things at the Smash Bros. Tournament. He especially loved her taunt. As Link came back to reality, he heard Roy make a deal.

"If you go on a spying trip with us, I'll clear my head of it." said Roy.

"Oooh! Where we gonna go!?!" asked Link, excited, as he loved spy trips.

"Dig this: The girls, Zelda, Samas, and Peach, are having a sleepover tonight at Peach's castle and we are gonna spy on their little games and secrets!" Roy said slyly.

Link was horrified. He thought the fact of himself spying on Peach was horrific, sneaky, and cruel. But since he didn't want Peach to know of his affection for her, he agreed.

Forum Games / The Person ^Above^ Game!
« on: February 23, 2006, 03:54:13 PM »
Okay, so here we go! In this game, you just post a comment about the person that posted last, before you. So, someone start by saying something about me! The comments don't just have to be nice.

General Chat / What Movies are you watching?
« on: February 20, 2006, 10:11:40 PM »
Here's my topic! We can post here about the latest movie we've watched and all about it!

I've watched Simon Birtch. It was rated PG but it should've got a PG-13. I'll edit my post later and give more detail cause I'm gonna get in trouble if I don't!

Forum Games / super smash bros fanfic
« on: January 14, 2006, 12:22:21 AM »
lets start a smash bros melee fanfic that's just as crazy as a melee! it'll be full of melees and situations in the characters lives as well! lets start it! we can write dialouge for any character we want. i think i'd be cool for everything to match up though.

(All the characters enter the super smash stadium)

Announcer: Welcome to the Super Smash Stadium, the new and improved stadium and now females can play here as well!

Peach: Ummmm, announcer guy, why couln't we play here in the first place?

Link: Well first of al...(clapse hand over Link's mouth)

Mario: You'a couldnt play here because of the rough'a...enviorment.

Link: That's no...(Link's mouth is closed again)

Captain Falcon (whispering to Link): It would help if you could keep you big mouth shut before the girls find out the real reason they couldn't come.

Game Help / paper mario trouble: battling lord crump on the pirate ship
« on: January 01, 2006, 07:00:47 PM »
he's giving me a hard time. anyone have any tips that would be helpful to this gal?

Video Game Chat / the worst video game glitches of all times--post 'em here
« on: December 28, 2005, 06:04:55 PM »
i was playing harvest moon 64 and one day when i put the character to bed, he woke up sick in the field of grass adn stu and the other little boy were visisting me and it continued ot the next day which was complete darkenss and i had  to restart my whole game. it was crazy. how bout your worst glitch moments?

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