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And yet you're in last place among the human players. Pitiful.

I pooped when I no-miss no-bombed my way through most of the first three stages of DoDonPachi, and then after nicely dodging my way through the bullet-cancel section...died to a supply ship.

It still went on to be my best run (sadly ending at the stage four boss), which was nice. I even recorded it, but you have to have the proper version of MAME and the correct ROM sets to be able to view the replay.

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This was an exhibition match between Daigo and Justin Wong at the SSFIV launch party (best Japanese player, best American player). Watch the whole thing if you like, but I have that link set to take you to the final round of the final match (best of 5 matches).

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It was only close because Daigo was using Guile. Very poop worthy, though.

Also the announcers got really annoying after the match.

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Wong has beat him a few times.


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Seeing Weegee at the beginning of the Brawl+ opening video where Luigi would normally be (I refer, of course, to the meme, not the Fungi Forums member whose username is Weegee).
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Here are a few of my somewhat more fecal moments that come to mind at the moment...

~First and foremost, when I found Raikou in SoulSilver. Twice. The first time, I was headed to Newbark to get some money from Mother, because she kept buying crap with MY MONEY...anyways. While on my way home, I came across a Sentret and, noticing that there was no Pokeball logo under its name, realized that I had yet to catch one of these darling things. After retrieving my money from Mother, I headed back out to find a Sentret to call my own. Found a couple of Pidgeys, nothing too special. Then I enter another wild Pokemon battle, expecting it to be a common Pokemon for the area, hoping it would be a Sentret. I notice the intro of the battle music is a tad different, but think nothing of it. appeared. Raikou, in its lovely electric glory. My thoughts were literally like this: "Okay, here we go, please be a Sentret. Hmm, background music's a bit differeOH MY GOD IT'S YOU!!!" Second time was on the road to Olivine(though not actually going to the town, as I had yet to earn a Fog Badge). I was training up my Pidgey, Feathers, to evolve her into a Pidgeotto. Wandering around, I enter another battle and notice the background music's a tad different again. I had only vaguely remembered my first encounter with the storm beast when it appeared again before my eyes. It was still very lovely. Sadly, all my Pokemon were way too underleveled to handle such a creature(and by "handle", of course, I mean "stay alive long enough while whittling its HP enough for me to catch it"), even if it was keen to run away.

~Tori, my Togepi, evolving into a Togetic in SoulSilver. I have it on video. (Unfortunately, it's used as an intro for a video that I probably won't post for quite some time...)

~NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Part three of the final stage, Bellbridge, in Helen's dream. Wizeman's deep "muahahaha" laugh rings throughout the entire area. The entire city goes dark. Helen's Red Ideya floats away from her. She falls....... Also, my first time seeing Queen Bella. I thought to myself, "hey, this stage seems familiar, wasn't this in the commercial for this game? And wasn't there also a spider around hereACK." Of course, I got over that fairly quickly, as I'm only really freaked out by real or realistic-looking spiders. Aragog from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets gives me the willies, but Spinarak doesn't.

~Not from a game I've played, one I've only watched videos of, but nonetheless it's from a videogame so I'm-a say it counts whether I've actually played it myself or not. EarthBound...really, do I have to say it? I've looked back through the previous posts and found Giygas mentioned at least once before. Ness...I...feel...h...a...p...p...y...

~chuggaaconroy's Let's Play of Mother3. Intro to the video where he's up against the Masked Man. Just thinking about it freaks me out. Not cool. Not. Cool. At all.

~Only vaguely related, since it's actually from a radioplay and not the videogame itself, but...Fobbies are Borange. For those who don't know, it's a radioplay adaptation of EarthBound. The way they pull off the battle against Giygas is definitely poop-worthy. Why does this deserve special mention when it's pretty much just a repeat of my fourth item? It's because in Fobbies are Borange, Giygas is revealed to have been the narrator throughout forty episodes(episode 41 had no narration, and 42 was the finale). As well as Paula's father.
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GiftedGirl just posted for the first time in God-knows-how-long. This made me poop.


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She was here less than a month ago.

I pooped when I played Vampire Chronicle (which is basically the DarkStalkers equivalent of Hyper Street Fighter II, though it's a lot more in-depth than that game) and used DarkStalkers-mode Baby Bonnie Hood (that is, the made-up version of the character as she would've been if she was in that game - Baby Bonnie Hood's debut was in Vampire Savior, the third game). Pooping commenced right around the moment I realized her missiles were Hadouken inputs rather than charge inputs.

I also pooped the first time I loaded up and played Odin Sphere. And pooped again the second time I loaded up and played Odin Sphere. And probably will the third time as well, and consecutive times until I get over how beautiful that game is.

Also, the first time I fought (and got slaughtered by) the double Hibachi at the end of the loop in DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Death Label. (I had a high-quality video of that battle, but it was a recording of a player so pro it didn't accurately show how much of a ***** double Hibachi is.)

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SMG2's Throwback Galaxy. I needn't say more.

My palms got sweaty just from watching this: SMG2's final Star
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Who in their right mind would click that

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Wait, why were you even watching that


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The music did it for me more than anything else.


...until Rosalina showed up.  But I wasn't really surprised with how heavily it's implied that she'll be in the game at some point - those letters to the baby Luma are a dead giveaway.
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What can I say, LD? Curiosity was killing me. I have no remorse for my actions, and I'd do it again if given the chance.

In retrospect, that link would've made from a great RickRoll... Ah well.
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You do not understand the value and preciousness of an experience.


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Lighten up, LD.  You act like watching a video of gameplay is the same thing as doing it yourself.
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