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Forum Games / When Dinosaurs Dream II/ You Choose The Ending!
« on: April 30, 2007, 04:09:02 PM »
Yes... that's right. I've created a new story based on the original story that I loved quite a bit. But sadly, when I had the chance to write it myself, It died... mostly. So I made this. ^.^ (Don't sue me though, Paper Luigi >.<)

One day, in a small house in the land called the Mushroom Kingdom, was a small Dinosaur like creature named Yoshi. He's just waking up...

"Ugh... wha- what just happened?" Mumbled Yoshi, as he turned around in bed, being woke from a dream. "Man... that was a strange dream..." He mumbled yet again as he sat up, his eyes still closed. "Wha... What time is it..." He mumbled to himself as he cracked his eyes open, staring at a clock across the room. "10:00... PM?!" Screamed Yoshi as he jumped out from bed. "I'VE BEEN ASLEEP FOR AN ENTIRE DAY?" He yelled as he searched under the bed for his boots. "I can't believe it... It felt as if I'de been asleep only for an hour or so... Maaan... Mario's gonna be mad..." He mumbled as he slid on his boots and ran into his kitchen. "Ugh... so hungry... guess that's what sleeping for an entire day can do to you..." he said as he opened up his fridge and grabed some bread, ham, and cheese. "Guess I'll just make my sandwich, run to Mario's house, explain why I didn't show up for Tennis practice..." he said as he slapped on the ham and cheese onto a slice of bread. "Ie Gota G't Ta Maros Hose" He said, mouth full of sandwich. Running out the door, Yoshi ran and ran. (Mario's house was only about a couple blocks away...) Untill he found the giant castle owned by the plumber. "How does a poor fat plumber end up owning a mansion..." Thought Yoshi as he walked up to the door. "Hmm... maybe I shouldn't disturb him at this time at night... But if I don't give an explanation, he'll just yell at me... Hmm"

What Should Yoshi Do?

A. Knock on the door
B. Ring the doorbell
C. Make as much racket as possible
D. Go home

Forum Games / Fake LoZ:OoT Cheats
« on: April 22, 2007, 01:21:20 PM »
Hi everyone! I make this because, well... for one, I really loved the whole "Fake SM64 Cheats" Thread, and I was thinking, "Well... what if there would be a thread like this..." Some funny ideas came up, so I decided to make it. Please don't sue me! ;)

Okay, here's a quick example...

Get a secret ending.

Okay, start a new file, call it "Fire" play the game up until you go to the Deku Tree's dungeon. Play it untill you find a torch, take your stick, catch it on fire. then beat the entire dungeon and exit, with your stick still burning. The Deku Tree will say, "AHHH!!! DON'T CATCH ME ON FIRE!!" You can either catch him on fire, or put your fire away and play the game normaly... but if you catch him on fire, he'll die, but still give you the green stone thing... so you just beat the game, but instead of the ending movie, you'll see Young Link and the Deku Tree's sprout... thing. Young Link will then wack the Sprout with his Boomerang. The sprout will then say, "AGGGHHH!!!! Why'd you WACK ME!!" Then explode.

Good job, you unlocked a secret ending!

Forum Games / The Darkness Within...
« on: January 31, 2006, 06:07:48 PM »
Ok guys, with all these storys around, I've desided to make one of my own. where YOU get to choose what happens after each post, want to join in?

Chapter 1
The Begining...

One stormy night, during a heavy thunder storm Mario and Luigi sleep, but whats this? Luigi seems to be awake...
"Mamamia, why can I get any sleep?" Krrrack- BOOOM! the lighting strikes a nearby tree thus catching it on fire. "Woah, that was a close one! I should check if that one hit anything" Luigi says as he walks over to the window. "Woah! a fire! and its close! I better go put it out quick!" Luigi ran downstairs as he was puting on his plumber cloths. "should I wake mario? Or should I hurry up and put out the fire..."

Well, go ahead! choose for me.

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