Author Topic: For all the ppl who like hate or bash Pokemon, Show or Game.  (Read 4643 times)

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Ok Listen up and listen good people, First, the show! Ok! Listen, when WB Took over they did a good job generally on the plot, but Ash was never so dumb, and Jessie and James werent Treated like idiots Brock wasnt so hormonal and Misty Wasnt a slut, In the Japanese Versions they were the oposite, Because Anime is usually screwed up by most americans. The Game is good, i like it, Red Blue Yellow Snap Stadium, im gonna get Gold and Silver, just face it, Nintendo is in Japan and So is pokemon, so there gonna bring it here and make money, but hey! They making mario games all around! Just be patient, New games ARE comming, Tennis, i event hink a Mario Party 3 will most likely come out, Paper Mario, probobly a Mario 64 number 2! If you dont like Pokemon DONT BASH IT! Cuz some ppl do, If you like Pokemon, DONT BRAG about, and lets stay close to Mario.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Im gonna kick Bowser's Arse affar.   ~Geno~
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Im gonna kick Bowser's Arse affar.   ~Geno~

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Um... no all they did was translate the show.
The japanese are really the nasty ones.
On final fantasy 7 when the guy is shaking his fist at some guy, the japanese version
has him flipping the other guy off!