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Hmm... you're right. It would probably be a PG-13 movie if they did a thorough job. Of course, the lack of supporting characters would make it somewhat dull...

And back to the subject of the Kirby cartoon, I saw it today and I thought it was pretty good, except I wonder why Kirby doesn't talk.

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That was a joke.

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That was a joke.

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You don't think a Star Fox cartoon would be great?? I think it would be great because first of all they can make the cartoon 3D like, and second of all, they will have a lot of episodes because I'm sure the new Star Fox Adventures will take a while to beat. Besides, Star Fox has always gotten the short end of the stick.

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Does anybody ever wonder why the Blue Toad in Super Mario Sunshine wanders off from the rest of the group?

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I dont really care for any of Nintendos cartoons. The only one I like is The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and only because it brings back many good memories. I just cant see Metroid as a movie. They would need to do some major revamping of storyline, setting, characters, or else it would be nothing but jumping around and blasting. I still think it would be cool if Nintendo spent many a dollar and made a really cool cgi movie of Mario and packaged it with the latest Mario game. This way only those who posses the GCN shall veiw it!

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A CG Mario movie would rock.
And Ooze, that's what I said about a Metroid movie. Now, Metroid Fusion is much more story-based and they could make a movie about the stuff Samus remembers during the game... that would be kind of cool.
Actually, jjf8420, I beat Starfox Adventures about a month and a half ago and started on a new game... but anyway, the only reason I don't think a Starfox cartoon would work is because I fear they would make General Scales the antagonist, and have tons of SharpClaw as your general-purpose disposable enemy, meanwhile having the other three Star Fox Team members floating in the background, all the while developing incorrect character relationships between the main characters of SFA. Similar to what happened with the SMW cartoons, I think. I just want another Star Fox game with Krystal and to have Fox's and Krystal's relationship to develop. This would be the ideal course for the Star Fox story at this time.

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That was a joke.