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It's Splatoon day! How are your squid battles going?

I decided a while back that I wouldn't get this one on launch day because I had used all my hype up on Mario Kart and Smash. A friend of mine got it, though, and I've spent the last few hours at his house passing the controller back and forth between online matches. We played some single-player as well, which was fun but in a completely different manner. Now I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow and spend a while streaming it probably. A very good time!

I'm a kid now I'm a squid now.
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I hate how this game imposes a binary squid/kid system. What if I identify as neither? Also,

The demo was pretty good, but I think I'll pass on spending $69.99 on the full game.
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What's the E10+ rating for? Can't imagine anything besides comic mischief.
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Splatoon is part of the Mario Universe: 

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Did someone leak Mushroom Kingdom Historia? :O