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WarioWare is a great series, right? Of course it is. And rhythm games are cool too, right? You bet they are. Rhythm Heaven Fever is both of those things, and it's amazing.

You play as a wrestler being interviewed after a match.

Or a monkey on a watch hand.

Or an up-and-coming rapper.

You play a collection of one to two-minute minigames, in which you press the A button (and sometimes B) to the rhythm of the music. After you complete a set of four minigames, you unlock a themed "Remix" stage, which is a longer track that incorporates all four minigames in the set, which switch off in five to ten-second increments.
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It's silly, and it's hectic, and it's catchy, and all of the characters have so much character, despite being mostly mute. It's definitely the most fun I've had with a rhythm game, and maybe one of the most fun games in general that I've played. Plus, it's a few years old and it sold awfully poorly, so you can pick it up for cheap. I got it used for $9.

Go play it!
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I still need to get this. I love the DS one.
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