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Well I certainly didn't expect that to take up an hour of my night. I can't quite put words to my thoughts about it, but be assured that I'm thinking.
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Are you thinking about GamerGate? The author's notes say you should be thinking about GamerGate. It is at least partially commentary about GamerGate because of course it is why wouldn't it be

Good horror story. But I wish I hadn't read the author's notes. For horror, less is more.
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I got an ending that doesn't make any sense at all and no, I am not thinking about it. Instead I'm wondering why Nintendo considered an Xbox and a reinvented Power Glove for the design of the Gamecube.

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Quote from: the uncle who works for nintendo
for content and trigger warnings, click here
This game isn't going to make me check my privilege, is it?


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trigger warnings
And I'm clearly not the target audience.
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I checked out the game a bit more and also looked at some of the notes and warnings. The game is pretty creepy, even if you look at them. I like how it doesn't rely on jumpscares but instead on the atmosphere. (Although, I don't like how certain endings force your browser into fullscreen, it feels kind of like a cheap way to immerse you) Now, I haven't gotten all of the endings yet, so it doesn't make too much sense to me yet. I'd say to check it out at least once, even if the mere mention of a trigger warning turns you away.