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Hello all :)

Today in a chat me and my friends talked about NES games, and I had one no-one knew about...
Well, we got our NES from a friend with four games, (and this was MANY years ago), one of the games was weird... I think it was Japanese/Chinese (text) , and it had some little Mario 3 sprite guy, but you could turn into a snail and different things... and the things  didn't look anything like Mario and it had some red/green hat with a feather, I think >_o

It was a Mario-ish game, jump around and stuff, basic arcade game... But now I'm really curious what this game was... Me and my friends referred it as 'Mario 4' since the character 'was' Mario.  *shrug*

The box/cover thing it came in was a gray one, with some characters on it...

Does this ring a bell to anyone? I'm very curious. Some kind of hack?
Sorry I can't provide any better info, but that's all I can remember :/ ANy help would be appreciated :)


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Hmm. The closest thing I can think of to what you're talking about would be the "Super Mario Bros. 4" Game Boy ROM. It's a hack of some other game of which I've forgotten the name, and it was rather strange... And Japanese...
That was a joke.