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I would obviuosly choose Mario.Choose someone and explain how they won.P.S in your reply,don't ask me why I didn't explain.There really is no explanation.Mario Rules!

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Donkey Kong jumps over gators and plays baby sitter in later games.

In the ever so great 8-bit realm he kidnaps a dame and throws barrels as Mario. He then gets thrown in a zoo and his son has to save him. Ussually younger descendants have to save DK's behind so it's no suprize he loses.

Mario and Link are high matienance, where as Link relies upon weapons and tools, Mario needs special equipment. (Oh pthffft! Who am I trying to kid?! Mario needs to get high!)

His obsession with mushrooms, weeds, leaves, you can tell Mario has to be distorted before going into battle in 8-bit times. (Which I'm basing this fight solely upon.)

Ofcourse unless Link takes time to go on a sidequest all he has is a crappy wooden sword and maybe a wooden shield if your lucky.

So if Mario has his narcotics he will burn Link's wood loving elf behind and win this fight.

If Link has atleast halfway decent gear he will simply kill Mario.

I would compare thier villans, but Mario fights a retarded dinosaur and Link fights a cowardly sorcerer. Not much to compare.

Though where as Mario fights the same retard over and over and the same villans, Link has to fight new monsters, yes he mostly picks fights with those monsters himself.. (Like the poor dinosaur who doesn't even defend itself and Link feeds him bombs.) but that's besides the point.

Anyway, I'll say Link, because for three reasons.

1) Link fights ghosts commonly. Mario got kidnapped by ghosts.

2) Link survived up untill Elfland in FF1. (Check the tombstone in Japanease version.) Mario wouldn't be able to. Period.

3) If the rumors are true Mario's a communist then I hope Link whomps him. Because if there's one thing Blackmage can't stand. Is commies. They have a good idea, but wish to destroy religoun.
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