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The rules are like the other ones but this ones not Mario realated, but the first fake Zelda cheat section on the Fungi Forums. I'll start for you.

Play a Demo of the Windwaker 2

Gather all the Triforce Charts and go to Windfall Island without using the Ballad of Gales. Save in the auction house then turn off your game and remove your memory card from slot A or B. Then write a story on why Sheena is so pretty and then you'll fall asleep due to boredom from the story. Wake up and put your memory card in slot A or B and turn the game on. The title screen will appear but the word Zelda will be replaced with Sheena. Go to the file select screen to find a new bonus feature on the bottom. Select it and you can play the demo for The Windwaker 2. After that finsh the story on how Sheena is so pretty without falling asleep. Now you have a demo of The Windwaker 2 on The Windwaker.
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Reset the game without pressing RESET button:

Smash your Gamecube to Tiny pieces with a mallet.
Then,press A,A,A,A,A,A,A,B,R,R,L,L,Z and the super secret ?-Button. Note: The game may not turn on anymore.

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Oh, I got one: make the game from crap to good:

After you collected everything, you get to play the REAL adventure. Remember a long time ago when Nintendo gave us a glimpse of what the new Zelda could look like? Well, it's actually hidden in this game. After you collecting every single, dumb item in the game, you get to play, a super cool Zelda game, with realistic graphics, harder and longer gameplay, and no more stupid tascs (sailing, fetch-quests, ect).

Darn. If only that cheat were real.

Did I do that?

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