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I recently changed my signature to a YouTube comment I found on a Mario video... I found it funny because I read it wrong the first time.

"Looks like 3 Sony fanboys scratched their discs."
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Mine's a personal favorite quote from Star Fox 64. I don't know why it stuck with me so much, it's just such a memorably evil line, especially from a time when Nintendo was trigger-happy when it came to censorship. (And they still kind of are.)


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Well, I will change my sig, once someone else here is more awesome and says something more awesome than what I have now.
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I view the source of mine as the funniest show currently on TV.


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... I found it funny because I read it wrong the first time.
Not sig related, but your post reminded me of a store sign I saw again today:  MARLO.  I read it as MARIO everytime. 

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