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I hope that leak maker doesn't like or want half of the terrible ideas in there! Early access? Really? Nintendo, who still acts like their games are Santa Claus and have no developmental process and are plucked from the aether and nothing about them is not deliberate, would let you pay for literal unfinished games? And when has anybody liked controller buttons emulated on a touch screen? Never? Double-never?

I'd like to think people are generally smarter these days to disbelieve leaks until they are proven to be real, and I'd like to think even more that Nintendo is smart enough to laugh if these ideas are ever seriously proposed to them.
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Yeah, when I saw the Cross video, all I could think was "why can't fake leakers be like Pablo Belmonte anymore?" and I had to go watch the On video again.
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Nintendo ON > Nintendo NX
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But wait! There's more!
Anybody else miss this guy?
I made a Mii of him; now he's in Tomodachi Life selling OxiClean for $19.95.

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