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Or put it on an actual old computer with DOS.
That was a joke.


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Or you can just download DOSbox and/or the frontend D-Fend.

I have too much trouble with those, and I'm too lazy to try and figure out what to do.


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It's better, but doesn't change the fact that this became an Uncle Duke thread.

Oh, Blake Stone is like a Wolfenstein 3D type game. Well, sheesh, then it should be some fun, right?

Some info on Blake Stone, plus a link to download the shareware edition.

Played a little of it, it's definitely more advanced than Wolfenstein, kind of funny for the guards to shout "Medic!" after you literally blow a hole through them.  I wouldn't be surprised if this was a 3D Realms game, has that Duke feel to it (although I've never played Duke Nukem and thus don't know what a Duke feel would be like).

1. You should see the guards dressed in pink jumpsuits who shout "I'm hit!" when their arms fly off.
2. It is, indeed, a 3D Realms game.
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