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i'm still reading just to let you know
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Ditto. But hurry up you lazy good-for-nothing.

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HAHAHA It's finally here!! Short but sweet...*sigh* it was annoying to try to find time to work on it...any way here it is.

Chapter 2 Part 2

When Mario got to the nearest Star Pad he noticed that there were several Chargin' Chucks. "What in Dinosaur Land am I gonna do?" Mario paused to think...What had he done a million times before this? Stomped the snot out of them, so what was different about this? "Well," Mario thought to himself,"they have spikey looking armour," he had never seen that kind before and it was about 3 times bigger than the rest, plus there were about 5 of them and 3 normal...this will be hard. Mario landed in an apple tree and waited. He was out of breath, and since he carried the sword with him wherever he went it weighed him down and made him tire faster. As he rested in the tree, he gathered his strength for the upcoming fight.

Peach woke up to a sound in the gackground, but she couldn't figure out what it was or where it came from...let alone where she was. She looked around trying to figure how she got here, but could only make out shady inanimate figures...she could see a chair and a bed, but everything was empty. She kept looking and noticed a dim glow next to what looked like a broken window. "Hello?" She glanced as she walked toward the glowing figure. "OH! Twink!?" She lifted him and put him on the bed , she recognized it as her own. "You must be so worn out!" she said to the unconcious but cute Twink. She could tell he traveled far and had trouble because of his low green dim compared to his bright yellow dim. She was very tired and didn't know why, so she lay down next to him and slept very deeply.

In the morning, or so she thought, she sat up and glanced around the room. Sharp pains ran through her head and down her back. She looked at Twink and noticed he was glowing brighter."Twink? Are you ok?" Twink stirred and slowly opened his eyes. "Princess! I came as fast as I could!" Twink exclaimed as he sat up (floated up). "On my way here I ran into something in the sky and couldn't keep flying. So appearently I plumeted and that's the last thing I remember." Overwhelmed by the story Peach added "How did you know where I was?" Twink looked at the neckline of her dress and pointed "Simple, the gift I gave you, you remember the necklace right? I just oriented on it's energy and sought you out."
"Well, do you know where we are?"
"Why yes, we are somewhere on Star Road, but I've never noticed this place before. Frankly, I don't understand how it got here."
"So Bowser didn't kidnap me?(for once?)"
"As a matter of fact, no. Which surprises me. I don't even know who has powers enough to teleport the castle such a distance, except for one of the elder Star Spirits." Twink showed a mixture of emotions...but Peach didn't know how he pulled it looked like his face was just flat...but he made it work. "*sigh* I'll bet Mario is worried...maybe you should go warn him! And make sure he doesn't start anything with Bowser!" One moment Twink was there, the next he was off, flying to what seemed like a void area. Peach sat and wondered when the next time she would speak to her friends and when she would finally see who kidnapped her...not that she wanted to, but it would not be princessly to not see the capturer and identify him.

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is any one still reading?

just wondering

If winners never quit, and quitters never win, what idiot made the saying "Quit while you''''re still ahead"?


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hehe just bumping it...sorry i havent worked on it at all..:( im having trouble coming up with ideas.

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