Author Topic: wario goes insane  (Read 1461 times)

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I use 80 lives but i only make it 2 #25

clone me
clone me

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If you want help,Tell us what game you need help on!

Mario:Welcome too the mushroom kingdom.
Kirby:Welcome too dreamland!
Samus:No!!Welcome too planet zebes!
Yoshi:Welcome too yoshi''s island!
Wario:Welcome too Wario''s woods!
D.K.:Welcome too kongo jungle!
Berry bostwig:Welcome too the diet pepsi twist commercial!
Mario:Who''s berry bostwig???
Berry bostwig:I dunno....
Donald duck:Why am I here???
I don''t belong in some supid nintendo website!
Deezer:Don''t you call this place stupid!*rips donald into pieces*