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About three years ago I bought another used copy of SMW because my original copy got lost, and we moved, etc. I tried to get all 96 exits when I got it, but was only able to get 95. "That's strange," I thought. I couldn't remember any other exits. But I always thought it was just me and that my knowledge of the exits had just faded a little. Well recently I've been playing it like crazy and finally I'm up to 95 again. So I decided to check and see if it really was just me. I got an FAQ with a list of all the exits. Sure enough, I'd done them ALL. What's wrong? Even though I'm sure I have all 96, it only shows up as 95 on the title screen. If it helps, I remember about three years ago when I bought my used copy I had stayed up late playing it and gotten about 3/4 of the way through the special world. I had saved it when it asked and switched off the system. The next day, All that had been saved was up to the previous save, so something was wrong with that preticular save. I'm not sure what's wrong, I replaced the battery and everything, and I still don't have an answer. So could you please reply here if you have any thoughts, ideas, or information on the subject? Thanks!


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Ha!  This question got me a free pizza once!

There are many exits which have little or
no effect, and only contribute to the
counter.  Have you gotten all of the regular
exits on star road?  Have you gotten the
loop-around exit on Chocolate island?
In the forest of illusion, the exit from the
first map can lead to the haunted house.
An exit from the haunted house can lead back
to the first one in forest of illusion!

That is one of the most common missed.  It
doesn't even affect the map screen.

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Thanks, you're a lifesaver.
A free pizza??