Author Topic: Boy swallows mouth bling  (Read 5504 times)

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Yeah, I think they're pretty gross. For some reason, they look painful to wear, though I've never actually tried them.
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Serves him right--those things are retarded. ...No, actually, I think his parents are the ones that need to feel the pain, buying him rapmaster tinselteeth at a street sale (you know I think this started? Some gangsta got saddled with braces and turned it into a fashion statement. That's how the whole baggy pants thing got popular: Loose prison pants. Honest truth.)

Wait... stomach bling now...! Keep it real, kid!
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I like grillz because they would allow me to instruct someone to "back up off m'grill".

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Well here's the problem: parents buying things for their 7 year old kid, with out properly explaining what it is or how to use it first! Serves the kid right for using it improperly, anyway!

.. and the parents!

Let's buy little Billy something he doesnt' even know how to use properly yet!

How about this tacky tooth decal?

"Grill?" OK!

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Hey, at least they didn't get him a butt piercing or nose ring. How would he explain swallowing that?

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Er, I mean that's rough.  I know that I wouldn't want some hunk of cheap metal in my stomach.  Stupid people with their stupid "bling."  One more for the road...HAHAHAHAHAH.
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