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Some time ago, I decided that the song from the Waluigi's Island map in Mario Party 3 needed lyrics.  And so I wrote lyrics to it.
I also decided that it needed to be sung in Waluigi's voice, but I didn't do that until just today.

Listen if you dare...

The lyrics are:

I can hear the calling in the air
For mischief
A-la Waluigi
Just the thought of trouble draws me near
To bring forth my wicked plans

And everyone can see I built my kingdom on Waluigi's Island
Pretty soon you fools will all see ex-ac-t-ly who I am
I shall be your Ruler (The Lord of tricks and traps: King Walui---gi...)

All the world's villains look to me
For mischief
A-la Waluigi
I'm to them an honor just to see
Because of my wicked plans

And everybody knows my word is law here on Waluigi's Island
Now you're gonna have no choice but to recognize who I am
I shall be your God now (...)

Except without the parts in the parentheses, 'cause I couldn't figure out how to do 'em right.
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Oh god, this is exactly how he'd sing.
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Good vocal impression!
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This is pretty much perfect. I officially name you president of everything.
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John and I recorded a full a capella of this song, with me doing Waluigi and the backup Waluigis, and him doing all the instruments.
Also includes the two backup Waluigi bits, which I didn't get to in the previous recording.

You can find it here:
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Oh god, they are multiplying! Quick, everyone, to the Anti-Wa Chamber™©®.
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I think I'll hide in the WAter closet.
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