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Now down to 1.533333...

Seriously, a score above about 3.5 or so on this indicates actual mental illness or irreversible indoctrination from the willfully ignorant. [darn]. Also seriously, did anyone notice the benchmark for the scale used here was from NINETEEN FIFTY?!? You know, when being against segregation was considered against society? Wow. And the average tally then is is STILL LESS THAN 4?!

EDIT: Also I noticed the descriptions for the extreme ends seems weirdly reversed. Yea, give the very direct uncreative insults to the far left, but give insults that REQUIRE historical knowledge and ability to interpret metaphor to the far right. How many 'Baggers out there would get the "black shirt" reference? I can probably count them on the the fingers of the right hand I'm not raising as a sign of some former foreign party's salute.
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