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In order to be good, entertaining, and to break the pattern of quality decline, I think the next game in the "Mario" series of adventure games...

-Must have a 4-player alternating play format;
-Must have a true 3-D game environment;
-Must have Mario and Luigi for playable characters;
-Must have Toad, Princess Peach Toadstool, Mushroom People, and Yoshis for additional characters;
-Must have Goombas, Para-Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Koopa Paratroopas, Piranha Plants, Venus Firetraps, Nipper Plants, Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros., Buzzy Beetles, Cheep-Cheeps, Blurps, Bloobers, Lakitus, Spinies, Bullet Bills, Podoboos, Shy Guys, Fly Guys, Snifits, Beezos, Pokeys, Birdos, Bob-ombs, Monty Moles, Boos, Big Boos, Dry Boneses, Thwomps, Chomps, Chain Chomps, Blarggs, and Wigglers for enemy Koopas;
-Must have King Bowser Koopa for enemy boss;
-Must have all eight Koopa Kids plus Kamek, Wario, and Waluigi for additional enemies;
-Must be composed of block-based environments, with powers and items in mystery blocks;
-Must have power mushroom, fire flower, invincible star, Yoshi egg, and a flying form for powers;
-Must have coins, special coins, and 1-up mushrooms for additional items;
-Must have map screens for moving between worlds in every level;
-Must have at least 6 one-themed levels, including the beginning grass level, a swimming level, an ice level, a sky level, and the final dark, lava-filled Koopa level;
-Must have at least 30 worlds;
-Must have the worlds conquered by reaching goal;
-Must have plenty of optional worlds, multiple-goal worlds and bonus worlds;
-Must have a timer for every regular world;
-Must have warp zones for traversing worlds and levels;
-Must have remixes of classic songs from previous games for background music;
-Must be more mature than most games in the series, but still moderately cartoonish and not too realistic;
-Must be difficult enough to be challenging to most players, yet still reasonably possible to beat;
-Must be chock full of new, original, and exciting worlds, characters, enemies, powers and elements to make it unique to "Mario" games!

Then, and only then, can "Mario" be returned to its former glory.  Is there anything anyone would like to add?

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I was thought the timers in the regular levels of the Mario games of old were pointless and irritating, I agree with a lot of the ideas you had, except the timers.  Save those for bonus levels and such.  
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One more thing. . . I'm hoping you "forgot" to mention Wario ;)

I think the big W-man should reprise his role as general trouble maker and twisted mo-fo.  He's gotten a little soft (Mario Tennis, Mario Party), so I think it'd be cool to have him appear at different points throughout the game to give Mario a hard time.  I'm not saying Wario should overthrow Bowser as the final villian, I just think it'd be cool if he popped up once in a while to throw a monkeywrench in Mario's progress.

Of course, he's completely independent of Bowser's control, so you might occasionally come across him mutilating some small, wimpy member of Boswer's Army, only to be trashed by some big, ugle member of Bowser's Army :D
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I didn't forget the Wario brothers, look again.  : )

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Oh, right.  You've got you're bases covered. :)  Though I'd rather see a lack of Waluigi in the next Mario game. . . That's just me though.
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Mega 2: That's one incredible list! You actually think that Nintendo would have enough memory in a Nintendo 64 Pak to include all of that stuff? By the way, what system do you want it to be on: Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GAMECUBE, or all of those?

Here's my list:

*At least 8 worlds
*At least 10 levels in each world
*All of the Koopa Kids (Iggy / Lemmy / Morton Jr. / Wendy O. / Ludwig Von / Larry / Roy)
*Goombas / Koopa Troopas / Para-Goombas / Koopa Paratroopas / Lakitus / Spinys / Buzzy Beetles / Piranha Plants / Fire-spitting  Plants / Thwomps / Bob-ombs / Bullet Bills / Cheep Cheeps / Bloobers / Chain Chomps / Fire Chomps / Amps / Shy Guys / Fly Guys / Mr. Blizzards / Boos / Big Boos / Eeries / Lava Balls / Dry Bones / Pokeys
*Wario interrupting Mario's quest from time to time
*Bowser as a final boss
*Luigi as a playable character
*Up to 4 players
*Yoshi as a playable character
*Toad as a hint-giving friend
*Save option
*Power-ups (Super Mushrooms / Fire Flowers / Stars / Flight Caps)
*Coins (yellow / blue / red)
*VS Modes (2-4 player race in each level)


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Geez, Why does everybody hate Waluigi? The only game we saw him in was Mario Tennis and everybody just started hating him. Well, when I get a chance, I'll put him on Wario Castle (WC). :p

Anyway, I think the Mario brothers should have equal roles in the next Mario game. I came to this solution after seeing "Luigi is the best!" and "Luigi kicks Mario's butt!" for years on the Internet, well, ever since June 24, 1998, when I started a little Luigi website called Luigi's Tyrant. Hope it isn't my fault. ;)

Everything else looks very good.

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Perhaps you didn't get what I meant by having Yoshi under "powers"-Yoshi MUST NOT be a playable character.  His purpose is to be RIDDEN by Mario or other player characters and eat enemies and items and spit fireballs (none of this egg-throwing bull), not to be controlled directly as if he were a character himself.  That is perhaps the biggest reason for the character's downfall; he has lost his purpose.

Toad should be playable.  It's about time the Nintendo 64 took advantage of its 4-player capability in a "Mario" adventure game, and who better than our favorite character from "Super Mario Bros. 2?"

As for Waluigi, I'm not too crazy about him either, but he's an established part of the "Mario" continuum.  We can't just toss him out now.

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It seems "Super Mario Cubed" is just around the corner, now.  Let's hope (okay I will) they give us a game with all this stuff!

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Actually Mega 2, we CAN just toss away Waluigi.  Just ask any one of these disgruntled "forgottens:"

-Stanley the Bugman
-Big Bully (and the many bully variations)
-The Koopa Kids

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!  I have no problem letting Waluigi wander through limbo with these poor, forsaken characters.


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the first list is perfect. and getting rid of Waluigi? Why? He never had a chance to prove bad yet, the only games he was in were Mario Tennis and Mario Party 3. He would be great as Wario's side kick. i can see it now "Super Wario Brothers". I think makeing an evil luigi clone is a great idea, just  as long as it ends there. No more evil counterparts, just Wario and Waluigi, any more then it would can tireing.


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Actually, the Koopa Kids are coming back!

Just recently, Nintendo issued an announcement of a few classic games that are coming to Game Boy Advance. They are as follows:

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Koopa Kids!)
Super Mario World (Koopa Kids!)
Yoshi's Island (yes, you heard right...)
Yoshi's Story (anything interesting about this game?)

Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Yoshi's Island are coming to Game Boy Advance... YIPPEE!

Sega and Nintendo both rule!

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See, that'd be great news if I didn't already own Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario World, and Yoshi's Island. . . but I do!  I got all these games the first time they came around.

That's what kind of p!$ses me off about GameBoy Advance. . . no new Mario adventure!  I've already played through Super Mario Bros. 2 on a nice big T.V screen with fantastic SNES powered aesthetics.  I want a new Mario game for the new handheld.  Oh well. . . I just hope this trend of rehashes ends soon, or else Nintendo-haters will start bashing the he// out of the big N.


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Uh, yeah. My opinions are as follows, although they go against many of your guy's opinions:

1. Get rid of Toad (I don't like him for some reason)
2. Yes, make Yoshi a playable character (since when has he lost his purpose? Oh, right, Yoshi's Story, but maybe Mario could ride Yoshi and the duo would be a playable character)
3. Bring back Waluigi!
4. Bring back Wario!
5. Bring back Kamek!
6. Do NOT bring Baby Mario

And you just gave me a thought. Who here thinks Stanley the Bugman will pop up in Smash Bros. Melee, hmm? First, he was from an NES game. Second, he was long forgotten. Third, he's just perfect for the game.
Well, so is Dino Riki, but who remembers him?
Or even Mark and Bert from Monster Party!
Remember Bert?

In the next Mario game, it would be so neat if Mario, Luigi, Peach (maybe), and Yoshi, all controlled by human players, would undertake the adventure at the same time.

And if Yoshi ever starred in another solo adventure, let's just hope they don't drive the cutesy factor into the wall, don't bring back Baby Mario, and actually have some good reason to go through the adventure. The storylines we've been given just don't go well with it.

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Well, if the freakin' Ice Climbers (WHO?) pop up in the Smash Bros. sequel, I think it's pretty safe to say Stan the Man will be back as a playable character.  And lets be completley honest, if these chumps get a spot in Melee, Pit and Wario got their parts a long, long time ago. ;)


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