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What's the purpose of keeping points? I know when you finish the game it shows you your total and I know good ways to score points but seriously what do you use them for? In other games, video and otherwise, points = rewards but in Mario 1 is it just a record of how thorough you played the game?


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This is probably a useless topic. Anywho, they're just for the high score, or a record.


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A lot of old games had points that didn't do anything. It was probably carried over from the arcade days, where getting a high score was the only goal of many games.

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It's also a psychological thing. "Whoa, I just got 1000 points for getting that mushroom!" It makes you feel cool and accomplished.
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Well there's points in many old games. SMB2(JPN) and SMB3 even.
I never paid much attention to it.
Ditto used Machop!


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Well, SMB used to be an arcade game, right?
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No. There was an arcade port with significant differences after the NES release.
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Perhaps you are thinking of the original Mario Bros., ShadowBrain.
Remember that your first Goomba boldly you walk? When Mario touched that mushroom being brought up more largely remember that you are surprised? Miscalculate your jump that pit remember that it falls?

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...mmm.... In Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, getting 5000 points declares you the winner if you haven't KO'd your opponent, but in Star Tropics, I have absolutely no idea what the points are for, or why you only receive them after beating a dungeon. I do know that Sonic games typically give you an extra life for every 50,000 points you earn, and that Mega Man 1 seems to be the only game in the series that gives you points for doing anything (and even has a "Best Score" randomly determined at the start of each stage). Most arcade games give you free lives at certain point values, but that was before games had major collectibles in them.

Man, who'd have thought points would spark such a chain of thoughts?

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No, those are the Clear Points you get for beating that particular Robot Master. After the first game, Capcom realized how useless points were and dropped them. Mega Man 1 having points may also be due to the fact that it was originally planned to be an arcade game.
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I know of one game series in which points are very important.

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Gumshoe looks a little out of character in that picture (showing some sense of authority, that is). What kind of points are you referring to? I don't recall any form of points other than courtroom health.

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I think you're, er, missing the point.

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I think the word "point" has a double meaning in that picture.
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Ever notice how a lot of old games typically have scorebars that go up to millions? How come there were never really any games that gave you less that ten points for anything? The only ones I can think of are Game & Watch games.