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IGN put up a miniature "Museum of Mario" website recently. While there isn't much content at the moment (and some of it is wrong - Mario Bros. was not released in 1986!), it's a cute little bit of interactivity.  Feel free to take a look.

Link: IGN presents Museum of Mario
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Let's do the Mario, all together now!

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They used the NES version of Mario Bros. for the "arcade era", they used the sprite of the Hammer item for Hammer Bro Mario instead of the actual Hammer Suit, Super Mario Kart is listed after Yoshi's Island, all the handhelds are lumped together on one page, and Super Smash Bros. is listen as a Mario game for some reason.


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While the information might be off and some of the chronology might be wrong, it is a visually appealing little museum. It would be neat to see this done for other franchises as well.
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