Author Topic: Why is the Mushroom Kingdom dangerous?  (Read 19792 times)

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I was playing Super Mario the other day, and I started to wonder: why is the Mushroom Kingdom such a perilous place with all these bottomless pits and moving platforms?

I understand that the Koopas and Goombas are enemies working for King Bowser, but why is the rest of the landscape so dangerous?
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Earth has water in order to support life.

The Mushroom Kingdom has bottomless pits in order to support fun.
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Dangerous machinery and terrain exist in real life too. I'm sure most residents of the Mushroom Kingdom (and probably the broader Mario 'verse by extension) generally don't have such an experience just like those living in modern organized societies don't.

The entire premise of Super Mario Bros. is that Mario is going on a dangerous rescue mission. Bit of selection bias going on when your game camera focuses on the guy facing down all the peril.
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Lizard wizards?
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Another amusing idea I had (and I do this now in my head anyway) is if Mario made a different vocalization or exclamation in different situations: like an "oof" or "yeow!" whenever he misjudges a jump and lands in lava or a pit, or gets chomped by a piranha plant, or slides off a platform, or gets smashed by a sliding koopa shell, etc.

Would players even be able to finish the game? People would intentionally kill Mario just to hear all the funny sound effects. :-D
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He has the oof in games when he bonks.
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