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Doesn't Pokemon lore state that a Pokemon created the universe? Of course, it could just be a bunch of baloney like actual creationism.

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I also am exceedingly convinced that pokédex entries are BS'd most of the time, exaggerated. A device that automatically records data on something it's seen for the first time is stupid. The player character is punching in exaggerated "facts" about their latest catch as they go.

Indeed, they're like descriptions for OCs drawn by eleven-year-olds on DeviantArt.

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@bobbysq: Arceus supposedly created Dialga and Palkia, who created time and space respectively, dunno what Giratina does; Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are allegedly responsible for knowledge, emotion and willpower; Groudon and Kyogre shaped the earth in a battle of land vs. sea, and Groudon must've been getting his ground-type ass whupped when Rayquaza made them cut it out, because just look at that water-to-land ratio.

I'm not fond of gen 3 and 4's legendaries for this, either. Gen 5's are considerably less pantheon-like and more legendary:

·Kyurem is the original dragon that came around during some kind of war, and split into Zekrom and Reshiram (normal Kyurem being its empty husk) when two twin brothers fighting for ideals vs. truth, neither could beat the other because Dragon/Fire and Dragon/Electric are type combinations that are fairly neutral to each other.
·After them we've got the musketeers, who don't really do anything but attempt to help a hero fight evil, or whatever.
·The genies, who are "forces of nature" but really just seem to be powerful ******bags with weather powers.
·Meloetta doesn't seem to have much of a reason to be a legendary at all, besides having a form gimmick. But then, so do Rotom and Darmanitan...
·Victini is thought to be an allegory for a nuke but is actually a living apple slice.
·Genesect is basically Mewtwo 2, being a powerful thing some scientists decided "hey let's power it up more." Only instead of the scientists giving a Mew baby gene therapy, it was Team Plasma grafting cannons onto a prehistoric bug's back. I don't know where Plasma got any of the funding for their crazy shenanigans.

We can probably count on Xerneas and Yveltal being embodiments of good and evil.
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Back to the Future

The 2015 Marty visits is not silly and is in fact perfectly plausible.
It's pretty funny to watch Part 2 now and see the projections the writers had about 2015 in the late 80s. Invariably, conversations about Back to the Future will involve "Where's my flying car?" and "They've only got two more years to make hoverboards."

But what if that's the future that could have been expected only without any tampering with history? After Part 3, Doc builds a new time machine and goes on joyrides in it with his 19th-century wife and sons. The changes he could have made in the past and intervening years could have veered us in different directions with technology and style than from what the movie had. If our present looked more like BttF's 2015 and the movie showed something more like what's real, we might think "wow, who even needs a TV like that if you're not going to watch six shows at once?" or "All that tech development wasted on computer games when you still have doorknobs at home." And on the flipside, our phones are much more advanced than the video conferences Marty had--we have FaceTime and can use that anywhere, which would look outrageously futuristic in comparison. It's something to think about... most of the luxuries they had in the movie are feasible, and must have looked really cool in 1989, but are nothing we're interested in now.
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I dunno, I'm pretty interested in the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. It'd be useful, even if incredibly dangerous.
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Gas companies aren't.

It's not impossible that Mr. Fusion came from even further in the future... I always got the impression it was invented by Doc himself. Maybe, given the name, I wasn't supposed to.
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Mega Slowking

If you haven't been keeping up with Pokémon, I'll give a brief recap of what's been added to Slowpoke and Slowbro since the beginning.

Slowpoke can now evolve into Slowking instead of Slowbro. The transformed spiral Shellder attaches to its head instead of its tail and makes it intelligent.

As of Generation 6, Slowbro can now Mega Evolve into Mega Slowbro in battle through the use of a Mega Stone called Slowbronite, raising its Defense to an absurd degree. Mega Slowbro looks like this.

Slowbronite can't be used with Slowpoke or Slowking. Slowking cannot Mega Evolve.

However, I don't believe there is a biological difference between the three pink things involved in the Slowpoke family. Many Pokédex entries for Slowbro and Slowking talk about how if the Shellder is lost, the pink thing becomes a Slowpoke again. It even loses its enhanced intelligence if this happens to a Slowking. There is even an instance of a Pokédex unambiguously calling the pink thing Slowpoke and the shell Shellder without the context of the Shellder being lost: Mega Slowbro's Pokédex entry in Moon.

Quote from: Rotom
When bathed in the energy of Mega Evolution, Shellder converts into impregnable armor. There is virtually no change in Slowpoke.

The names Slowbro and Slowking therefore refer to the union of Slowpoke and Shellder in these particular ways, not enhanced forms of Slowpoke as would be seen if it evolved like a normal Pokémon. The Mega Stone called Slowbronite is actually compatible with the transformed Shellder instead. And you COULD use it with Slowking.

but don't, please
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"Now's not the time to use that!"
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