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Why would Yoshi's girlfriend serve an evil frog? What's in it for Birdo?

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Birdo's primary motivation has always been depicted as lust. In SMRPG she gives you a key after calling you cute. In M&LSS she joins Popple because she's in love with him. In Captain Rainbow she immediately makes you her boyfriend after you rescue her from jail. In both PMSS and PMCS she sings about romance.

So even though it's not addressed in-game, I'd say she was undoubtedly serving Wart because she loved him.

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Even then, outside of Mario Tennis and Mario Kart, Birdo spends most of her time being an evil henchwoman. Her being Yoshi's girlfriend was probably never a factor in anything, and they didn't even become a thing until well after both Mario USA and Mario RPG.
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Birdo spends most of her time being an evil henchwoman
Not at all. Let's look at every non-sports game with Birdo:

Super Mario Bros. 2Evil henchwoman
Wario's Woods — Helpful ally of Toad against Wario
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars — Peacefully sitting in an egg, asks Mario to play. Mario and party RUTHLESSLY SHATTER HER EGG UNPROVOKED, she still plays with them for awhile and then nicely gives them a key. Thought: "I just love life!"
Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaEvil henchwoman
Captain Rainbow — Locked in jail for using the women's restroom and your girlfriend once you free her
Paper Mario: Sticker Star — Pop star
Paper Mario: Color Splash — Pop star


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And SMB2 may or may not have been a dream anyway, so really all we have to go on is her working for Popple
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I assumed Valentina was keeping Birdo's egg in her castle for the express purpose of using her as an evil henchwoman. :p

Then again, Birdo's boss battle, like a lot of things in Mario RPG, happens completely without warning and is never touched on again.
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That's definitely why Birdo was there but I wouldn't say any evilness was involved. Shy Away maintained a collection of dangerous creatures like Smilax and Birdo to keep intruders away. But is a junkyard dog "evil"?

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Some of them are definitely evil. If they try to kill you as opposed to just keeping you away from the gate/junkyard/etc, that could make them evil.

Fluffy, the three-headed dog in the first Harry Potter book, was probably evil. One of the heads lunged for I think Ron as he made his way down the trap door.
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Actual dogs aren't sapient, so it's hard to really call them "good" or "evil". They just do what they're trained to do.

Birdo on the other hand is very definitely sapient, but it's still not made clear if she was willingly serving Valentina or just trying to kill you because she was bored. I guess the dialog leans more toward the latter, but nobody else in the game ever acknowledges Birdo, so how can you tell?
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