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I need a new stem for my bike! Help!

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Red Paratroopa, remember in SMB3, when you collect a number of coins in a particular level, and a White Mushroom House appears? Inside the White Mushroom House is Toad, where he says "Hello! You have found my shop of strange and wonderful things!" This is where you pick up an item.

At the Fungi Forums, the forum was cleverly named that because it is where people put up ads to sell items they have, and wandering FF members examine the items and buy them. Get it now?

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I didn't actually see this at first. I saw the "25 Posts", but I though that was for the story board forum. (I don't know HOW it could've decreased to 25, but that's what my mind told me.)

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Um, I've never collected a significant amount of coins in SMB3.

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You know, after about ten years of playing SMB3, I'd never known a White Mushroom House existed until today.


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Try getting all of the coins in 1-4 or 2-2. Then you'll get a P-Wing or an Anchor.

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Check the SMB3 Guide for more information.

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Hmmm.....! A New Forum! White Mushrooms Please!
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What does the anchor do?  In SMB3, I mean.

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My previous post is my answer.

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