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Well it does have cool music.
That was a joke.

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You can't get Phoenix wrong.

Alternate ending: You can't get Phoenix down.
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What a coincidence. Today, my chorus teacher's phone went off because of a text message and the sound it played was the puzzle solving jingle from Zelda.


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My phone is a piece of crap, so the Monster Hunter thing is a no-go. Instead, I'm using "GO MY WAY!!" as my ringtone.


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The Golden Hammer Theme from Wrecking Crew.
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Ring: Baby Mario Crying SFX - Yoshi's Island

Text Msg Rcvd: Daisy (Character Selected) - Mario Kart DS

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Text from known #: SMW "Castle Clear" Theme
Text from unkown #: SMB3 Ice Land Theme
Text from girlfriend: SMW Title Theme

Man do I love my Mailbox SP.
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WeeGee wins.

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General call - Katamari damacy main theme
Call from people I like - Lucca fanfare
Call from people I don't like (boss, ex) - Final Bowser (sm64)
Text general - Final Fantasy Victory
Text from dislike - Metal Gear Solid Alert
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I have a new phone, and with it comes a new set of ringtones, all video game-related.

Brother: "Let's Go Away" (Daytona USA main theme; it's the attract mode version)
Sister: "The King of Speed" (also from Daytona USA; this is the one with "ROLLING STAAAAAAAAAAAART!" at the beginning)
Gaming group: "Dr. Virus" (from Rhythmix), "SuperSonic (Mr. Funky Remix)" (from DJ Max Portable 3), and "The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend" (from Puyo Pop Fever and also apparently Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary)
Mom: "Sally (Select)" (from DoDonPachi Resurrection Black Label)
Dad: "Burning Hearts ~Burning Angel~" (from Burning Rangers)
Cousin: "Mass Destruction" (from Persona 3)

Notification: Dariusburst boss siren (as heard here for some reason)


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I've just got two sounds that play on my phone.
Text message: the "picking up EXP chips" sound from Cave Story
Call: The instrumental version of Karma, which is the opening song for the US version of Tales of the Abyss. With the amount of time that the phone rings for, it hardy gets past the intro of the song, but that's just fine.
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Oh, hey, this thread.

Anyway, I was formerly using "Cornered" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as my ringtone and the Minor Item Acquisition theme from Metroid Prime as my notification sound (neither of those are current, though - this is my ringtone and this is my notification).
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My phone rings the Mega Man 7 version of the Ghosts 'n Goblins theme (when you hold B when entering Shade Man's stage)

And when I get a text, it makes the Link to the Past item fanfare.
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Surprised no one mentioned this yet.
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I'm surprised that there isn't anyone with/wanting the Mario theme here. Except me.