Author Topic: Your favorite Mario game  (Read 3539 times)

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Mario Is missing is kinda fun the koopa kids well some were actually in there!

Mario and Yoshi rule! is a great Place for Yoshi! Ps.Visit the message board!
Should I put something here?

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My favorite is Mario Party 3.


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Favorite: Super Smash Brothers
Least favorite: The Lost Levels

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Paper Mario, SSBM, SMB3, and Super Mario World all rule!  Lost Levels and SMB2 are what I DO NOT like.

Why Lost Levels: Poison Mushrooms
Why SMB2: Boring

Bowser: "Hahahahaha Bill Gates!  But today, your pathetic little attacks won''t beat me."
Bill Gates: "What do you mean by that?"
Bowser: "Look what I..ahem..''borrowed'' from Star Haven!  It''s the Star Rod!  It has the power to grant all wishes!"
Bill Gates: (gasp)
Bowser: "And I wish...that X-Box will never be sold and Nintendo will get 200 billion from sales EVERY DAY!!"
(Bowser then proceeds to flame the 55-billionaire)
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