Author Topic: Fake Donkey Kong Cheats.  (Read 1666 times)

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Hi, I know, fake cheat topics have already been made, but I couldn't help myself (I doubt it but if this topic has already been made please delete it.) But anyways: To change the music to SMB music: First, get a hammer and get 1,000 points from the hammers, when you have done that, more hammers should appear and you will be able to throw them up in the air like DK for the Game Boy, hammer DK. By then you will find out that it's really Bowser in costume, when he is when he screams hold < > at the same time, and his roar will change the music into the SMB Overworld. Note: Bowser's scream will get louder every time you jump a barrel.

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Way to be unoriginal and catch yourself being unoriginal but continuing on with the unoriginality in spite of you catching your self.

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