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Post your friend codes for Contact here. Then we probably have to set up a time to "contact" each other.


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I almost got Contact yesterday.  Maybe you can convience me it's worth my money/time.

I was at Game Stop with Contact and Cooking Moma at the checkout.  The clerk said Cooking Moma was very cool for a few minutes, but he didn't like that it didn't include the recipes so you could make them IRL.  He gave a desided meh to Contact, but I may have got it anyway if I had not found out that they lost my Phantom Hourglass pre-order.
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Actually I don't think Contact is anything all that special either. I find it fairly boring. Feels like an NES RPG. But, hey, if you're into that kind of thing...


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What are Contact's WFC capabilities, anyway? I didn't even know it had any.
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You enter each other's friend code and then go online at the same time and click on each other's friend code (which I think should then be flashing). Then you've contacted and you don't really need to contact them again. You friend will appear in your game on a Wifi Island where you can talk to them and get new quests and items. It sounds like the more friends you get on the island, the more modernized it will become.