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115 videos as of now, mostly of my game music rips (I want to re-rip PMTTYD and NPC).

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I only have one video, anyway, check it out.

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I make animations so check out my account

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ROM hacking with a slice of life.

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Is anyone here interested in a movie? An actual movie?


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If it's an actual movie, it probably shouldn't be on YouTube.
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Currently, this is my YT!

Robikku TV

I'm doing a few game LP's - Mario's adventure, Snake Rattle and Roll, and Super Mario RPG.
The SMRPG is a multi-collab vid, which is tied to several other'll see their names in the starter and promo vid's I've put up there!
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Hope you guys enjoy my 3D Dr. Mario animation. I made it about a year ago. I was planning on making a sequel... however, due to time constraints, it was never meant to be :'(
Though I am slowly getting back into 3D Modelling :D

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It took me 8 long hours to do this.

Watch it if you want to, don't watch it if you don't. It's just King Harkinian lip-syncing (almost perfectly) the Ghostbuster's theme. For the record, I have two other videos on my profile for those that are interested. One is a YTP and the other is a test of my video capture card.
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I tried to watch it, but I got distracted by the PARADOX.
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I had to delete it the first time actually. Something went wrong and I couldn't get it to play. :/
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It's been around for like a year and I've never posted it here, but <a href=">here's[/url] my YouTube channel.
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I took this video down.
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Anyone who's seen the Ghostbusters movie will know what this is parodying.

It uses clips from the CD-I games, so people who hate YTP need not apply.
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Hm...I doubt anyone really minds if I triple post information here.

Here's a 3 minute long music video featuring YTP characters singing "It's a B Movie" from the Brave Little Toaster. Lots of characters are featured, but the five main appliances are portrayed by Harkinian, Tails, Morshu, Luigi and Mario.

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