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So as you may have heard, a fair number of (American) Nintendo fans are going nuts because of the apparent decision to not localize The Last Story, Xenoblades, and Pandora's Tower. While I didn't know enough about these games to begin with to get too excited about them, I can understand how this is sort of the camel back-breaking straw for a lot of fans. Granted, business is business, but this is pretty much a perfect example of what... well, what I sort of promised I wouldn't grouse about anymore. In any case, what do you think? Does this bode ill for the long-term veracity of The Big N's "I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean it" PR-speak as of late? Are you just going to shrug "figures" and hit up an import site for your region un-locked Wii? Are you going to complain on the internet for a while, then buy Skyward Sword anyway? Commence vocalization on this localization sensation! (Dalmations)
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The Last Story and Pandora's Tower were the two Nintendo announcements I was most looking forward to at E3, so yeah, it was rather disappointing that NoA seems to think these games aren't worth localizing.

It goes straight from disappointing to "what the ****" when you consider all three games in question have been confirmed for European release by NoE, which means the localization is already happening and NoA simply doesn't feel like making money.

I figure if US releases don't happen I'll see if the European versions have 60Hz options and, if they do, install homebrew and import.


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Homebrew + Imports = Who cares, it's NoA's loss
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Yeah if I was interested in these I'd definitely be importing or pirating them.  Luckily, I don't care for JRPGs that don't have Pokemon or Mario in the title.  This is lame though.  If they're worried about poor sales, they could just do a small shipment... it just seems like a waste since they're going to the trouble of translating them to English. 

My only other thought is that maybe Nintendo wants to release them for Wii U?  Or maybe even 3DS?  If that's the case, I think it's a smart move.  Unfortunately, I doubt that's the case.
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Somewhat relevant.

Also, I guess this thread should probably be called "Operation Rainfall", since I just figured out what that is.
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I'm bummed at NOA's response, but not having the numbers and research necessary to make the decision to release or not to release, I can't really fault them. I've got the EU release of Xenoblade preordered, and will do the same for at least The Last Story. Will see about Pandora's Tower.

Also, as an aside why is openly admitting to pirating games not a bannable offense?


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Should it be?

What would a ban accomplish in that scenario?
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It would get rid of everyone who played a ROM of EarthBound (more than half the forum, including some staff members).


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Darn you warp!  You made me think EarthBound was coming. 
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More here, plus a little bit about the other Project Rainfall games:
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Darn you warp!  You made me think EarthBound was coming.


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Sounds like there's no RPG mode in Mario Tennis Open.
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