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Summer is officially upon us, and it's time to take a look through some of the lesser known entries in the Mario gaming universe...


Yoshi represents one of the odder Mario spin-offs.  In this "falling block" puzzle game, Goombas, Pirahna Plants, and Bloops fall from the sky, stacking up on four trays.  Instead of controlling the path of the falling items, the player can have Mario swap the trays -- any tray can switch places with the tray(s) sitting next to it.  Match two of the same enemies and they'll vanish, giving you points.  If you want high scores though, you'll want to AVOID matching like enemies -- instead, let the bottom half of an egg shell drop onto a platform and wait for a large pile of bad guys to stack up on top of it.  Cap off the stack with the TOP half of an egg shell and the entire stack will disappear (and a Yoshi will appear to give you bonus points).  There's no "end" to the game, but play long enough and you'll occasionally see a small cut-scene of Mario and Yoshi walking across the screen.  If that's not enough, you can always challenge a friend in the multiplayer versus mode.

Yoshi was developed by Game Freak (better known for Pok√©mon), and released in the USA for both the NES and Game Boy in June and July of 1991.  It had previously been released in Japan as "Yoshi no Tamago" (meaning "Yoshi's Egg") in December 1991, while Europe received "Mario & Yoshi" in December of 1992.
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